: 2006 XLR-V Trunk & GMPP Issue

03-28-12, 11:10 AM
I had a problem with my trunk recently. I would try to open it and it would open about an inch or two and then immediately close. When I tried to lower the top a message came up in the DIC saying that the top motor was overheated. I waited a few hours with the car in the garage (it was about 70 degrees out) and still the problem. Even the next day, it still did the same thing. If I opened the trunk with the key it would open two inches, but not immediately close and I could lift it manually.

I took the car to the dealer to be repaired and they said that the motor needed to be replaced. I have GMPP major guard and they told me that the top motor was not covered under warranty and that the part was $2000. I've been reading through the GMPP agreement and the documentation that I have and it says that convertible and vinyl tops are not covered, but I had always read that to mean the tops themselves not any part connected to the top. Unfortunately I can't find any clarification of that.

In my reading, the motor that operates the trunk should be covered regardless of whether it also happens to operate the top. Can anyone point me to information regarding the details of GMPP major guard and convertible tops?

(As a side note, I have a wonderful dealer and they're taking care of the issue anyway but I want to know if I'm reading the warranty wrong.)

03-29-12, 11:24 AM
This is a common complaint regarding aftermarket warranties and the folding top. Many say they cover the top (but not the electronics, which is the most likely failure area.) If it doesn't specifically say so in the fine print, DON"T ASSUME.

Pumps are less than a grand at gmpartsdirect.com and other online OEM GM parts sites. You could have bought one cheaper and had a dealer install it, and still been money ahead. Sounds like the thermister in your pump was fried.

Caveat emptor with aftermarket warranties.


03-29-12, 02:58 PM
Good point, but I didn't consider the GM Protection Plan Major Guard to be an aftermarket warranty. It is an exclusionary warranty and so covers everything except the specifically included items. The only reference I can find is that "convertible and vinyl tops" are not covered. I'm trying to find the "fine print" but I don't see anything in any of the documentation that I have or signed. I specifically asked about that part of the warranty and was told that the sensors, pumps, etc were covered, but that the actual top was not covered.

I guess I'm just trying to find any definitive answer and to warn others. There are threads on this forum that say that the GMPP Major Guard is the only warranty that covers the convertible top. For example here (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-xlr-forum/208984-gmpp-plan.html#post2346383) and here (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-xlr-forum/187198-xlr-top.html#post2089018). From what I read and was told when I bought the warranty I thought this was true. Now after having dealt with a top issue, it seems this isn't the case - unless someone at the dealer or GM got it wrong.

I ended up only paying my deductible anyway, so it wasn't a serious burden to me. And from what I read on other forums (e.g. pontiac G6) it seems that after a little effort others have gotten similar results. It just seems that this is an ambiguous area and I wanted to share my experience and maybe see if there are documents that might shed more light.

I sincerely appreciate all your help and thoughts.

03-29-12, 04:36 PM
To follow up, I called the GM warranty people at the number listed on the gm protection plan website (gmprotectionplan.com) and spoke to a customer service rep who assured me that while the top itself is not covered, all associated parts are covered. She said that the motor was indeed a covered part. She looked into the system and saw that the dealer had put in a request through their automated web system that had been denied. She said that was a bug in the automated system and to have the dealer call and talk to a warranty rep directly. I just talked to my dealer who said that they would be calling as directed.

I want to make sure that others know that these parts should be covered and if they have problems to contact the gmpp folks to confirm.

04-06-12, 01:01 AM
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