View Full Version : Anybody installed Inviscord in a 2012 V?

03-27-12, 09:20 AM
As I go thru my list of things to do in personalizing my new V, I note that the rear view mirror connections and cover is different than the setup on my 11. The cover is much larger, so I am wondering what's going on under there.

Has anybody hooked up a 2012? Any things to be aware of? Instructions would be helpful.

Thanks V nation.

03-27-12, 09:48 AM
I did it on my Vagon. Unfortunately I can't add much to the fact that it is possible since I paid my dealer to do the work!

Cadillac Cust Svc
03-27-12, 11:16 AM
Hi khoeysr,

Hope you're having fun while you personalize your V! I'm sure you'll get some helpful tips from the forum regulars, and I wanted to say I'm always available via private message if you have lingering questions. Going to a dealership for the service (as dcc8203 did, above) is a great option, too!

Cadillac Customer Service

03-27-12, 12:05 PM
Maybe Rain Sense is located up there, ur something...

Crystal Red CTS-V
03-27-12, 01:16 PM
Posted this same question last month and got no replies. Removing the Rainsense cover and garage door/sunroof module didn't help either as I couldn't find the appropriate connection, so I gave up and ended up routing the cable under the headliner and door sill to the power connector at the rear of the console. Works great!8896088961

03-28-12, 10:47 AM
It looks like the connector in the '12 is "tighter" than the one in the '11, meaning it's harder to insert the leads from the Invisicord. I have ordered the micro version of the cord and will give it another go.

The rainsense stuff is also under that cover, but once the cover is off you can get at the mirror and connector same as in the 11.