: Floor Mats ??

03-26-12, 11:24 PM
For those that have purchased floor Mats...which did you get and if you ordered Black and or ebony, did they match the factory carpet??

03-29-12, 03:01 PM
I got the Ebony from Lloyd Mats and they match my '12 CTSV perfectly. However, I got the LUXE mats and they are very plush, like home carpeting. If I did it again I'd get the Velourtex mats in Ebony...that would match the carpeting better.

03-29-12, 07:49 PM
I originally ordered the mats in the LUXE/ULTAMAT in ebony. When I got them and installed them in the car the color of the mat looked green compared to the factory carpet. Returned them and got the velortec in ebony and the match almost perfect. They are a shade darker than factory carpet but they look 100x better than the LUXE mat color.