: 07 V6 STS Sticking Valve - No coverage Under GMPP!

03-26-12, 10:30 PM
Our 2007 V6 STS has 28,000 miles on it. I purchased the Major GMPP before the original factory warranty expired near the end of last year.
Yesterday, Sunday, the Caddy would not start. The starter turned fast but the engine wouldn't fire. I called the GMPP 800 number and got a quick response from the Service Rep who handled my call. He told me he would either send a "mobile mechanic" or, if none were available, he'd send a tow truck to take the STS to the nearest dealer. As promised, he emailed me to tell me a mobile mechanic would arrive at my home within 45 minutes. Sure enough, Pat arrived five minutes before the quoted ETA. He was with the service department of the nearest Cadillac dealer. He suspected that carbon had formed in the combustion chamber which prevented the exhaust vale(s) from closing, which casued a loss of compression. Apparently, it is a fairly common problem with low mileage cars.
Just before calling the tow truck, he decided to try starting the STS again. This time the car started, so I agreed to drive it to the dealer, about 15 miles away. No problems on the drive to the dealership and Pat drove me back home. Up to this point, I was pleased with the telepone response and the quick arrival of the mobile mechanic.
This morning, I called the service rep. Pat told me would be responsible for the warranty work. He had not yet gotten to my STS but assured me it would be fixed today. Later, he called me and told me that exhaust valves were sticking and a pressure flush of the fuel system would be necessary. And he said that the pressure flush would not be covered by the GMPP since it is considered a maintenace item!!!!! It costs $260.00.
I had no choice but to approve the work so I could get my car back. I told the service rep that I bought the rather expensive GMPP to avoid unexpected repair expenses and that I had never heard of a fuel system pressure flush being a required maintenance item. I find it hard to believe that GM believes that carbon build-up in a low mileage car is to be expected. I think GM is simply trying to avoid paying a legitimate claim.
Has anyone else experienced a denial of a claim against the original or extended GM warranty based on carbon build-up being considered a normal maintenance item?
If I had known GM would deny such a claim, I would have sold the STS and saved the several thousand dollars I spent on the GMPP.
I will contact GMPP to see if the claim will be paid and find out whether GM believes carbon build-up within several months of the expiration of the original warranty is normal and acceptable.
Please post if you have had a similar problem with carbon build-up and/or GMPP claim denial.
St. Louis, MO

03-27-12, 01:30 AM
Dump a big bottle of Techron in the gas tank and drive it like you stole it. You're seeing the result of babying your car.

03-27-12, 02:26 PM
jmo but if all this cost you is $260, I would consider yourself lucky. With today's complex systems, $260 is dirt cheap.

Cadillac Cust Svc
03-28-12, 09:54 AM
prospyder, I'm so sorry to hear that a positive service experience turned into a frustrating service experience for you. If you'd like me to investigate any aspect of your situation, please don't hesitate to send me a private message with your name and VIN and I would be happy to do so.


Cadillac Customer Service