: Rear Hub with sensors

03-26-12, 10:11 PM
I have an "07" cts. My T/C and ABS light are on. I tries resetting it as the manual pointed out. After I drove again they came right back on. According to the book I'm still OK and have brakes. That of course was easy to know. When I took it in for a timing belt recall issue I asked them to check out why the lights are on. I had new brakes, & rotors place on it when I bought it. I was told the Rear HUB? and sensors need replaced and it would cost $1890 to do. So anyone know how much is labor and how much is the actual part or where's the best place to get the parts I need

03-27-12, 09:11 AM
I'll need to get your VIN to check on the part but that does sound a bit expensive.

When those lights are on on your dash it means that those systems are disabled. So your brakes will still work but the ABS feature (which keeps you from skidding on wet surfaces for instance) will not be available ... and the traction control (which keeps the tires from spinning) won't be available.

so get me your VIN and I an check on the hub