View Full Version : need suggestions as to why I keep glazing my front brakes from driving HARD

03-26-12, 09:41 PM
I have been through several sets of front rotors and even the two piece ones with almost ever pad i could
find, I currently have Hawk HPS and they worked ok but i often make high speed driving regularly and with
Police all over the place i need to make high speed slow down which in the end causes the front brakes to
smoke and glaze.
its super time consuming to DA the rotors and swap pads. my rotors are blue right now and the pads are wearing very unevenly.

I tried all of the HAWK Pads, the DTC make too much dust and noise for daily driving, I tried Carbotechs, 3 versions, Porterfields and the OEM

Any suggestion on a different pad that can work great for the street and still not give off too much dust and

I always follow the bed in process and always clean the rotors with 180 grit to give the surface a fresh
bite. they work fine but all it takes are a few high speed stops and the brakes are toast and rotors glazed

03-26-12, 10:46 PM
I have hawk hps on my corvette that I auto cross same pads for 2 years now. I bring the abs on at 130-0 so you can't try and stop any harder than that and I do it many time every time I drive it. Its a c5 with c6/zo6 brakes. My v I also run hawk pads and I drive very hard and still stop fine even after smoking them many times. See video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfQ8hs0zIxE&feature=youtube_gdata_player
Trying giving them time to cool be for you park it.

03-26-12, 11:10 PM
Yeah, I don't understand.

03-27-12, 11:13 AM
guys brakes are very subjective and comparing how you drive a vette which is 1000+ lighter and has a completely different braking system isnt worth mentioning. What works great on one car will not work great for all cars that is just physics.

i have glazed and smoked quite a few pads and rotors and its becoming quite annoying. I most likely drive much harder than others and sometimes there isnt enough time to let sufficient cool downs.

i need to order new pads and resurface the rotors once again i am just looking for some new pads to try out that might give me what i want.

i never had this problem on any other car i have owned. the OEM pads with the OEM rotors are quite good but the brake dust is unbearable every day. as soon as i switched to other parts is where the problem becomes more evident.

03-27-12, 11:50 AM
Don't drive so hard then.

03-27-12, 12:36 PM
I drive plenty hard and don't have this problem. My DTC-30s have seen track days and autocrosses.

If there are glazing issues, it has to be from something like improper bedding. Or maybe some weird chemical in cleaning wheels. Normal operation should never cause this...

03-27-12, 12:42 PM
Dude, I don't see how you can be driving that hard on the street.

Maybe if you are outrunning submachine wielding assassins or just robbed the federal reserve bank, but otherwise how can you possibly use your brakes to that level outside of a track? I agree it could be a chemical (how are you washing/cleaning the brakes/rotors?) or a case of bad bedding (would be unusual multiple times).

03-27-12, 07:56 PM
I'm not sure you should be using grit paper on them. Have you ever tried the stock rotor, and just some ceramic pads for the street? I can stop my car just fine on the street under any conditions. Then just put the stock pad on for high speed work. I haven't touched a thing, except to switch pads, and have over 27K miles, w/o an issue. Maybe you're over-thinking it.

V locity
03-27-12, 10:22 PM
Have you tried rotors that are drilled & slotted?