: 01 Deville OverHeating Issue

03-26-12, 07:19 PM
Hi.I'm Starr.I have an 01 Deville.Got it used abt 4mths ago at 106k.I had a block test done to it before I even bought the car.It passed.A few days later,I went through inspection and it passed.That same day,the car started Overheating!I took it to a trusted mechanic.He did the valve cover gaskets,cylinder/pressure tests,waterpump,thermostat.I drove home and it started Overheating again.So I parked it.I called the trusted mechanic,he said it may be the gaskets going out all of a sudden.I wasn't totally convinced because the car runs Great,I didn't see any leaks,milky oil,not alot of smoke,shaking,nothing...So I eventually ended up getting a coolant resevoir cap,an ect,took out the thermostat,changed plugs,got a radiator Juffy Lube flush,and it still Overheats!!So I found another mechanic,he came over today(because the car won't drive 3blks before overheating) to check to see if waterpump is working proper and to check persistent overheating problem.Pump pumped water out of hose proper..So he said..Its the head gaskets:(..So we got some Blue Devil...We put it in,its seemed to be working..Smoke clearing,etc..All of a sudden we saw sizzling where the top waterpump housing is!Found a crack!That's where air is getting in and coolant is going and causing overheating!!The Blue Devil told us where the leak is,tried to seal it actually,but the crack is large enough to make puddles on the ground!!At least my other gaskets(hg)are preventively sealed..and that this is the only prob.So we are going to the Dealer for the gasket/seal that goes in there..He said that the crack happen because the last mechanic didn't replace a cylinder gasket/seal properly,inside or under the aluminum housing area when re-installing the water pump..Can that happen?
P.S..Before you Assume its your HG causing leaks and overheating,check for cracks along the side of your engine*who knows..the problem may be coming from there..causing air in the system,coolant bubbling,smoke,overheating,loss of coolant..signs of a HG*

03-26-12, 09:10 PM
Blue devil, or the miracles in a bottle, will NEVER work. Think of it this way. If you nail two wood boards together, and then leave them in the hot summer sun, they are going to pull apart as they dry out and warp. Now say you put some glue in between the boards, and the glue moisturizes the boards. Now you leave them out in the sun, and they do the exact same thing. Is the glue going to hold the warped boards together? NO. Blue Devil will succeed at clogging up passages, eventually making your problem worse. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Blue Devil may have bought you a few months of time at bst, before the issue worsens. Your best bet is to have the headgaskets replaced, and head studs put in in place of head bolts (think of the nails in the block. The aluminum in N* engines is decent, but not strong enough for head bolts. When you say crak, is that in the actual engine block itself? If that's the case, you will be needing a new engine.

03-26-12, 09:13 PM
First off all you accomplished with Blue Devil was to contaminate the cooling system with that snake oil. If you start having heater problems in the future, you'll know where to look (clogged heater core).

At least my other gaskets(hg)are preventively sealed.
Don't bank on that. That crap does not repair nor prevent a HG failure.

Not sure from your description where this crack is. Your explanation, "He said that the crack happen because the last mechanic didn't replace a cylinder gasket/seal properly,up inside or up under the aluminum housing area when re-installing the water pump,even though the waterpump was working" doesn't make sense to me.

03-26-12, 09:39 PM
I hate to be the bearer of bad news to you..but Blue Devil Does Work!It may not have worked on your vehicles,but it has worked on Cadillacs and other cars and does NOT clog up systems.This is NOT a CHEAP Sealant..So it MY choice to use it.And you are pretty off..I never said the Blue Devil was in for months..My post states it clearly.It also states that the crack in on THE WATER PUMP HOUSING!Not the ENGINE.The head gaskets is NOT MY OverHEAT prob!I obviously thought it was!but its a frigging crack on top of the aluminum housing.It would maybe make sense if you have an 01 deville and can go outside and see it,or pull up a diagrham.I'm explaining it as best as possible.Not My first Caddy,but the first with engine problems.The leak has been found.On the HOUSING.I just need to know,how can a crack come to be right there.If you don't know the answer to my prob,that's gonna be solved soon..then skip it...please

03-26-12, 10:14 PM
Thanks for the Blue Devil education. Best of luck to you.

03-27-12, 10:42 AM
Typical Bawlmer know-it-all.

Starr, Before you shoot the messenger, I suggest you go to the top stickys on this thread page and read the information on Northstar head gasket failure and cooling system problems, then go all the way up ^^^ to the black bar and study the entire Cadillac Technical Archive. Yes, you are in an unfortunate situation and are trying to fix it - but the Blue Devil is a temporary patch on a moving target - price be damned. Too many others been there, done that. If the water crossover is cracked and leaking in the vicinity of the water pump recess, that may be simply bad luck - and that crossover is a mean bear to replace........also, the gaskets on the 4 water crossover flanges are also known to collapse and leak.

There's a wealth of long-time knowledge in here, and some members try to spread that wealth around.

Click on my username, open my profile. There are 2 albums, 6 pages in there - pictures and illustrations of your engine and parts - many of the cooling system - you might find some insight there, also.

03-27-12, 11:05 AM
Yes..That's IF...I'm NOT having HG prob.I thought I was!!what part don't ppl comprehend?All I'm hearing is HG,HG....there should be a song named HG****anyway..You may as well delete my account,because if all ppl do here is BLAB and don't listen,and ready to assume..then I'm good..Thanks anyway..Peace*

03-27-12, 12:48 PM
Yes..That's IF...I'm NOT having HG prob.I thought I was!!what part don't ppl comprehend?All I'm hearing is HG,HG....there should be a song named HG****anyway..You may as well delete my account,because if all ppl do here is BLAB and don't listen,and ready to assume..then I'm good..Thanks anyway..Peace*

Then fix it, if you're so confident then why are you even here?

03-27-12, 01:14 PM
to answer your question, Yes it can happen.

good luck with your repair

03-27-12, 01:25 PM
Thank you very much!lol..that's probably why that Trusted Mechanic(cough cough)didn't come back to do any repairs.Couldn't get him on the phone.I think he realized that he made a mistake and fumbled,leaving off some important piece/gasket from underneath the aluminum housing,causing overheating and eventually a crack that boils coolant..I've used him for years on a Riviera and an Eldorado..I've since switched Mechanics and going to be repaired soon.I did take a pic of where it was sizzling out of,but my file is too large.but..Thanks again.Ill post an update*

03-27-12, 01:40 PM
Starr, Read the references posted in #6 - and put the thermostat back in: A Northstar cooling system WILL NOT function properly with the thermostat removed (Your Post #1).

In my albums there are illustrations of the water pump, housing, and water crossover. You may use them as a guide to show (in this thread) where this crack is.......

03-27-12, 02:05 PM
Obviously it didn't while it was in there.Do you understand the process of troubleshooting?or eliminating process?having an overheating engine..trying to rule everything out before Assuming its the HG?That means changing out all of the heating/cooling componets from changing a water pump,a temperature sensor,valve cover gaskets,rad flush,pressure test,sparkplug test, a coolant cap,on down to removing the t-stat..And then eventually maybe using a sealant if suspect the HG,only to find out there is a crack on top of tbe Aluminum Housing for the water pump and other stuff under there..Blue Devil actually tried to seal it before our eyes,but the crack was too large,nmost likely only made for HG leaks and stuff inside the engine.FOR HOPEFULS SUSPECTING HG LEAKS:(Youtube:blue devil sealant demonstration,you'll see a video done by a mechanic.I most def Overstand the importance of a t-stat especially inside of a "Lac"..I can't drive anything but..So when My repairs are getting done a t-stat will be put back in.So...Thanks.

03-27-12, 02:13 PM
Have fun............ we tried.

(As an aside, in reference to your second sentence in Post #12: Yes I have some understanding of troubleshooting procedures, and if your posts are any indication, my cat understands troubleshooting far, far better than you. Too bad you or your "mechanic" did not do a cylinder block test for exhaust gas leaks as soon as your overheating started. That would have been too simple - instead of pouring in magic potions and throwing parts at it, you could have zeroed in on the problem immediately.)


03-27-12, 05:32 PM
mizcaddy, when you come to a forum like this, it is to ask questions that you don't know the answer to. It sounds to me like you are here to rebut every answer that is offered to you. And make those rebuts in a sarcastic, and disrespectful manner. Possibly for own amusement. You would not be the first new member to do this. You won't be the last.

If you don't like the responses offered to you, then the burden is on YOU to ignore them. Please be respectful of other members here. Thanks.

04-04-12, 05:08 AM
UPDATE:Llike I said before..it wasn't the Famous Northstar HG problem like Everyone assumed and suspected.My top cylinder block water pump gaskets needed to be changed and a metal curvy coolant pipe that connects to the engine.Now my car is NOT Overheating and is riding like butter..So after I eliminated certain things,switched them out,basically overhauling the engine cooling system and even going as far as using Blue Devil..it actually came down to some hidden gaskets and a cooling pipe..Im proud of the $ that I spent on My Caddy..Cheese well spent..So before assuming its the HG in your Caddy,be optimistic and positive..it might be a little bad..but not as bad as you think or what people try to make you think...Caddy Drivers "Keep it Pimpin'"...Peace

04-04-12, 09:54 AM
In response to your offering of "Peace" and your misspelling of the Italian word for Goodbye - "Ciao" - you have your wish.

I deleted your middle paragraph - as previously posted, insults are unnecessary.

Thanks for the update on the repair of the water crossover gaskets. That process has been covered in here many times - Google "cadillac forums northstar water crossover gasket" for some reading on the subject.