: Custom Box for EXT

11-18-04, 11:38 PM
I recently got a system put into my EXT and i am so impressed and pleased by it i wanted to put it on here to show that it is possible to do. I dident want too much bass that would overpower the stock speakers "bose premium". The local shop in clearwater florida ( AVE audio) did an excelent job on my truck. The setup replaced the midgate and a surrounding was built and sealed which replased the midgate and supports the box which fit into place. I put one 15" diamond sub with diamond marine amp. The trunk is still usable as the box takes up just a little bit of the first section.The cost was 630$. It sounds amazing, it is perfect for the EXT, the sound goes right into the cabin. NO leaks either and ive washed it 6 times. I couldent be more happy, if your looking for a little more bass without redoing your whole system this is the way to go, it even looks good too, but since i dont know how to post pictures email me and i will gladly send them to you.. ryanw20@hotmail.com

I do not work for the company mentioned above and im not trying to promote them, however i thought they deserve credit for thier good work. If you get this done make sure you ask questions and trust the people who do it... i was gonna get charged 1300 by a big name company for the same thing so make sure you do your research!