: Hello from a new V1 owner!

03-24-12, 06:39 PM
First off I would like to thank everyone who contributes to this forum, I have spent the last few days lurking and searching for things to look out for and was able to swing, what I think, a decent deal on a V. I ended up with a 76k mile '04 V Black on black with the rare 6-speed option. :D (Sorry, couldn't resist after seeing a post I ran across). She need a bit of work, but I think I can bring her back up to my standards.

A little bit about myself. I am new to the Caddy family and never followed the LSx cars all that much. But I was in the W-body racket for about 7 years, including making some of my own parts. Wrenched on countless of them, still have transmission nightmares, and still own a pristine '99 GTP. Far from a Cadillac I know, but being a Buick man my pride and joy was my '97.5 Regal GS (~430hp), still miss that car. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears went into that one.

Back to the V, it had a small clutch fluid leak that they are taking care of by replacing the slave cylinder. They are currently waiting on the part to show up. Now, with it having the miles it does on it and from the history of the car I decided to call them this morning to see if they could toss in a LS7 clutch kit in there for me to go along with it. Couldn't pass up a cheap clutch replacement :cookoo: Tried calling Luke today to get a price from him but he wasn't in, will try again Monday morning. I may just get it from S-D but that all depends on how soon I can get it and price difference. As far as the extras for that I am probably going to just take a drive over to Katech and get their spacer and bleeder. Yes, I know the bleeder is way overpriced, but I can get it when I want and don't have to pay ridiculous shipping charges.

A few issues that it has.. I need to get the windshield gasket/trim replaced (going to do that as soon as I get her back). Headlights have a bit of hazy UV damage. Driveshaft carrier bearing and couplers seem to have seen better days, she feels a little sloppy in the drivetrain. Amazingly enough the differential wasn't leaking and I couldn't find any diff work in the service report I had pulled. Motor mounts are about gone as well, didn't see any fluid leaking out but it could very well be dry by now. Was having an issue getting into Reverse every so often which also leads me to believe the mounts are toast that and a little shakedown when turning the car off.

Good news is I managed to get a 2 year warranty out of them, mostly powertrain but it covers AC, suspension, electrical, and a few other things.

That leads me to another question for you guys (yes I did search..) I couldn't find any definitive answer on if the UUC motor mounts are still available. I could very well be blind and have missed it. Also, the CS mounts seemed to have gone through some growing pains. Are they all hunky-dory now? I love a Cadillac ride, but the thought of having to change those out (especially if/when headers go on) every year isn't a pleasant thought and I could live with a little vibrations. I have poly mounts in my GTP, she shakes quite a bit so I am sure it won't be as bad as that car.

That's about all, glad to finally have one of these cars, been wanting one for some time. With some TLC and the help of the forums here I am sure she will be back up to snuff in no time. Thanks for reading. :burn:

03-24-12, 09:56 PM
Hi and welcome, neighbor! Well, sort of "neighbor." I did grow up in Rochester right next to you, though.

If you have a shudder on shutdown, that's a sure sign the MMs are toast. I have a set of 2nd Gen UUC MMs if you're interested, totally virgin and unused. Glad you're getting those other issues tended to, and that warranty is a nice bonus to have.

You really need to meet up with some of the rest of us the first Sunday in May at Baker's Restaurant in Milford. They have a huge, free car show every Sunday throughout the summer. Take Van Dyke down to I-696 and take is west to the Milford Rd exit and go north two miles. It's on your right side across from the east entrance to Kensington Park; you can't miss it.

BTW, glad you got that 6-speed tranny option. :thumbsup:

03-24-12, 10:03 PM
Good call on the clutch replacement while they're in there. The full ls7 clutch kit from Luke is 648...that includes pressure plate, flywheel, clutch and slave cylinder. If I remember correctly (I left the invoice at the office), the slave was about 175, so if you go with a new cts-v slave and katech spacer you be able to get the rest for under $500.

Congrats on the new car!