: 87 brougham de'elegance

67 impala
11-18-04, 11:22 PM
alright i got a 87 brougham de elegance with memory seats auto dimming rear vew and a sunroof

now my problem is with the sunroof...

i've had all the panels off around the doors and windows but i couldnt get my headliner to drop down and how does the fabric come out from around the seam at the sunroof?

also where can i find a cable for the tracks? i can open my sunroof but i cant close it... the cable is snapped and i paid the dealership to close it... and they couldnt get the part needed to fix it...

i know i could head to the local pick ur part and get the part or sunroof but i would like to know how to get the sunroof out and headliner...


67 impala
11-19-04, 07:51 PM

11-20-04, 02:44 PM
Headliner and installation by a shop is only going to run you a couple hundred bucks...

Also, I'd let someone else do the sunroof repair, too...they can be a nightmare, from what I've heard.

If you want to find parts for the car, check a Cadillac-specific vendor (Cadillac Craft Center, etc.)...prices are bound to be WAY more reasonable than the dealerships.