: power window 2004 cts

03-23-12, 01:49 PM
My driver side rear window goes down, but won't come up! I can hear something trying to work, to no avail. Do you think its the motor or regulator? Caddy wants almost $700 for the parts and install and they say the motor and regulator are together and not sold seperately! Anybody had this issue before?

03-25-12, 01:20 AM

03-28-12, 08:08 PM

04-13-12, 12:57 AM
I'm glad nobody on here has had pw problems

08-04-12, 12:21 AM
you can get the regulator or motor on E-bay. If you can hear the motor running you can fix the problem your self, take the door panel off( pry the fastern loose ) after all the fastern loose push the the door panl up to disengage the center fastener .on the regulator there is a small plastic box, the cable has a small swage, place the swage in the box and secure it there with a small wire(safety wire) making sure the wire doesn't hange up on anything when actuating the window motor.It cost me almost $400.00 for the dealer to replace the motor and regulator when I could of fix it with a small piece of wire. edtovar