: Matchin Toyz suspension kit?

03-23-12, 12:29 AM
hi guys,

its been a while that i am looking on the forum and i would like to know what suspension kit Matchin Toyz use to lowered is escalade.

i know that he went 2/4 with front spindles and did he get springs also ?

For the rear did he put spring plus shock extensions ? sway bars? The last and the most important the brand and model of the kit he used to get it done?

i have a regular 08 escalde i also want to be sure i can go with it and its an AWD.

thanks a lot everyone

03-23-12, 07:22 PM
well i was pretty sure somebody here knew the answer because this truck have been so mentioned in the post so i was sure someone got it.

Anyway its ok and if anyone got an idea just let me know :)