: 2003 cts dtc p2008

03-22-12, 02:27 PM
I pulled the codes and several of my worst fears are now facing me. I was able to get info on all of the codes except P2008. I know repairs are in order, but want to know what is most important so I can work on them in that order. The CTS is our only vehicle and money is an issue. I will list the codes and info and hope you guys can offer up the order of importance...
P0161 - Oxygen Sensor
P0160 - Mass Air Flow Issue - TSB
P2008 - unknown
P0128 - ECT below thermostat regulating temperature

03-22-12, 06:24 PM
Well, I'm at the shop and the mechanic cleared the codes and now I've got: P0449, P0161, and P0420. I need an engine mount so I guess I'll do that and the O2 sensor first. Does anyone know what to do about the EVAP Vent Selenoid Control Circuit?

04-20-12, 03:07 AM
I know this is late, but perhaps you should be asking this question in the CTS first gen 2003-2007 section, where those who own 3.2L CTS can assist you better.