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03-21-12, 01:20 PM
Looking to buy an older 87 Allante with 133K miles. I need only real basic transportation - if it happens to be a Caddy, all the better.

As a past owner (93 deVille, and 2000 Escalade), I loved Caddys, until they became maintenance headaches.

This particular Allante is reported to have a problem with the driver digital display. (but it's priced right). I can just imagine the cost to repair - I may be able to just live with it.

So, I'm asking you people for your experiences with a 87 Allante. Buy or not to buy? What to expect after 133K miles?



03-21-12, 07:03 PM
I don't have any first hand experience with Allantes, but they're definitely more than basic transportation...as is any high end (for its time) convertible.

On a side note, the 4.5 engines are almost as reliable as time.

03-22-12, 11:57 AM
The 87 has a 4.1 and is more reliable than most. I presume you are very electrically inclined to keep up with the minor electrical gremlins this car will have. The digital cluster is rarely trouble prone but requires replacement to fix it. Headlights are 300 to 400 each as are the taillight assemblies. I've owned 2, an 88 and a 91. Loved them but they required weekly tweaking of little things like power windows quitting, batterys draining, top pull down motors breaking, power brake ABS components failing while driving resulting in no brakes!! Car is probably worth more apart than as a whole, sorry to say. So, if you are a better than average mechanic, go for it.

05-18-12, 09:20 PM
I have an 87 Allante'. When I bought it, she had 130,000 miles and some "deferred" maintenance. I replaced the Air Conditioner Compressor, water Pump (because it was cheap and easyCompressor out of the way with the AC ) and the shocks were shot. I paid $2,700 for it and put about $4,500 in it getting it back right. I love it and drive it when I can.

06-24-12, 09:45 AM
i HAVE AN 87 Allante. Where is the fuel pump pressure switch located?

06-24-12, 03:44 PM
No such thing on an Allante! It does have wiring at the oil pressure switch mounted on the oil fiter adaptor that will electrically disable the fuel pump if low oil pressure is detected. That can come loose causing an open circuit and disable the pump. And why is this not a new post?