: 1979 Deville - Few questions about updating speakers.

03-21-12, 01:22 AM
Hello all,

I've been giving more thought to updating the speakers in my Phaeton, and had a few questions I was hoping to find some answers to. I'm going to be using the factory stereo for now at least, might get a retrosound deck later. Has anyone used those? I need to know what ohm impedance will work best with the old head unit. I have no idea what the stock ones are. Also, I know the dash space is pretty tight, what speakers have some of y'all used in the dash of these old caddies that fit without having to change anything? I've heard you can get away with a 4" with the plate design, and other sources say it won't fit. Is there a specific mounting height I have to stay under, or is there a certain size cut out for the magnet that I'd have to enlarge to fit a different shape. All I really know is that there's clearance issues between the left speaker magnet & the wiper switch.

I was really tempted to post this in the RWD forum thinking I might reach more like-minded enthusiasts, but thought I'd stick to the rules & see how it goes.

Thanks all

04-23-12, 10:01 AM
In my fleetwood, I used Polk audio 4x6 plate style speakers. These are by far the best highs ive ever had. They fit with a little persuasion. I would highly recommend running new speaker wire to all of your speakers, the stock gmwire is junk and with as old as it is, who knows what shape it is in. Polk also makes a hell of a 6x9 for the rear deck. I would suggest more importantly than anything a new head unit... Wether you send yours out to be restored/updated, buy a retro new unit, or mount a new aftermarket in the glove box, and leave the stock one in the dash. No mater what speakers you put in the car, the stock head unit will not perform.

05-01-12, 04:51 AM
i agree run new wires i did the regualar 4x6 and 6x9 alpines but speaker is a speaker if your not big on sound.