: H.I.D. High Beams...

11-18-04, 12:26 PM
Hello, I am looking to upgrade my stock highbeams with HIDs.

Here in Mexico they offer me the 4000k Hids in $250 dlls, and the 9000k Hids in $600 dlls. The brand is Hella.

Regarding this I have two questions, and I would appreciate help from any fellow forum member: Is this price fair, or am I getting ripped off?

Ive heard but I am not sure, that there are 2 types of Hid kits, universal kits, and bolt on original replacement kits.

In this upgrade I rather install a bolt on exact fit kit rather than a universal kit.

Thanks in advance,


11-18-04, 07:37 PM
That is a deal for either one as they are not available here stateside legally in the new 05's as they were not standard factory installs! I can't find them at a legitimate shop anywhere. Maybe I should try a non legit shop! They really need them as the lows are HID and then you blend into the Highs that are Yellow in comparison and actually have a black line between the highs and lows. Any thing has to be better than the factory Highs!