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03-19-12, 08:54 PM
This site has became very slow for last several days. Almost unusable....anybody else noticed it?

03-19-12, 09:56 PM
Yes, I posted this yesterday and it showed up today. :histeric:

03-19-12, 10:51 PM
Yup; very slow

03-20-12, 08:38 AM
So it is:
1. slow server
2. well too many adds being pulled in from various places
3. virus on the server

Admin, could you look into it please?

03-20-12, 09:13 AM
I noticed it too. More ads than most sites. But the virus thing is a good guess too. Or... maybe they are trying to load the Nav update....(joke...)

03-20-12, 10:01 AM
......... Or... may they are trying to load the Nav update....(joke...)

;) ;) ;)

03-20-12, 11:00 AM
Seems better this morning.

03-20-12, 03:13 PM
OK, so we have the answer - server. Hopefully the new one will work faster....

Thanks LordCadillac ;)

03-20-12, 05:58 PM
moved from cts

03-20-12, 09:21 PM
OK, so we have the answer - server. Hopefully the new one will work faster....

Thanks LordCadillac ;)

Not yet - other changes done. Read the longstanding thread in here - the Site News forum "Site is slooooooooooow....................." (There is life outside of CTS............)

03-31-12, 04:28 PM
This site has become slow somewhat again. It starts to load quickly and then pauses for several seconds (up to 20+) while it try to connect to a site called www.asterpix.com or something like that. My guess is that some photos or graphics that appear on every page are on that site, which is apparently quite slow.

03-31-12, 05:39 PM
Been quite snappy the times I have been here today.


I just loaded a few different threads as a guest in a different browser and they all loaded very fast. Did you try clearing your cache?

Lord Cadillac
04-01-12, 09:48 PM
The asterpix ads have been removed. :)

04-01-12, 11:53 PM
Good! MUCH faster loading now. Thanks.

04-15-12, 09:38 PM
VEEEERY slow tonight!

04-16-12, 09:37 AM
Yep ^^^ Something has been done to the site since yesterday afternoon or so. It's creaky and slow right now.

Several notifications pop up in the lower bar, most often "waiting for cadillacforums.com", and something about "googleapis........"

04-16-12, 10:31 AM
Most times, mine just says "Google chrome cannot open the webpage."

04-16-12, 02:53 PM
It's even worse now, at 2:50 PM EDT - just tried to log in, took forever - slow, slow, slow. Getting to this thread showed a whole string of alternating "waiting for www.cadillacforums.com......" and "transferring data from cadillacforums.com.....

I'll try a few other pages/forums, but basically I'm outta here until maybe tomorrow.

04-16-12, 03:59 PM
i've been having some trouble today also ... if i open up a bunch of threads all at once only about half will actually load ... and they take a while to load (i guess the ones that aren't loading are timing out)when i try and reload the others they load fine (just take a while)

Faded Crest
04-16-12, 04:35 PM
:yeah: Same here.

04-16-12, 05:19 PM
been slow for me today as well

04-16-12, 05:24 PM
seemed to just pick up speed after falling on it's face a few minutes ago

04-16-12, 07:16 PM
I bet Sal was sub-leasing CPU cycles to tax preparers.

04-16-12, 07:45 PM
It's horrible now - 7:40 PM EDT. Now most member's avatars will not load and this post alone took 4 minutes to get to the submit reply tab - we'll see what time it actually uploads into the system - 3 timeouts and, as always, "waiting for "www.cadillacforums.com" and/or "waiting for madisonross.com"


04-16-12, 09:05 PM
going very slow for me i think i counted 2 minutes for this page to open

04-16-12, 09:08 PM
Getting slower by the day. Almost as bad as it was a few weeks ago. Approaching unusable.

04-17-12, 04:04 AM
A bit better right now, but as the members above indicated, it was a nightmare a few hours ago.

04-17-12, 08:59 AM
seems to be okay right now

04-17-12, 09:00 AM
good 48 seconds fro this page to open today
last night was a nighgmare i just took of and went to bed

04-17-12, 11:01 AM
From 8 to 9 AM it was fairly fast - now, at this post time, it's slowing down again with alternating "waiting for cadillacforums.com", "read cadillacforums.com" and "transferring data from cadillac forums.com".

04-17-12, 11:50 AM
Same here. Better this morning, but still slow.

Lord Cadillac
04-17-12, 12:48 PM
Sorry guys. Looking into this... Again...

04-17-12, 01:17 PM
Signed in at 1 PM EDT. Slow. Took until whatever time this "posts" to get this one post to go out...............

04-17-12, 03:11 PM
Logged in at 2:50 PM - Someone is messing with the site right now - it's still slow and creaky, but the time between "waiting for .........." and "transferring data .........." is lessening.

It appears that when my computer sends a mouse left click or a keyboard enter command the CF server waits for quite a while to reply - the wheels begin to grind and the "waiting for" and "transferring" notes in the lower left system bar, but the little blue computer screen stays dark. (DSL through a Linksys router. The upstairs PC is also slow - and it's connected directly to DSL with an Ethernet cable.

EDIT at 3:16 - that's ^^^ how long it took to get this posted - the site is maddeningly slow again.

04-17-12, 04:16 PM
4:15 PM - back to normal speed.

Lord Cadillac
04-17-12, 04:20 PM
4:15 PM - back to normal speed.

The problem has been solved. It's got to do with a 17gb log file that keeps being created on a monthly basis. As this file grows, it takes longer and longer to access and save. I deleted it - so all should be well until the next time it grows. At least now we know where to look...

04-17-12, 04:20 PM
i concur

04-17-12, 05:53 PM
talk about throwing another 'log' on the fire

04-17-12, 08:45 PM
Back to normal. THANK YOU Sal! :worship:

04-17-12, 10:32 PM
Lately the forum has been slow and I've been receiving a lot of messages saying server is busy. Is anyone else experiencing this?

04-17-12, 10:39 PM
working ok agian now cool awesome

20 minutes ago i waited for 7 minutes and still didn't get in here lol

04-17-12, 11:03 PM
yes - for the last few days

04-18-12, 02:27 AM
There's a whole thread about it in the feedback section. Basically, the servers are reaching their capacity to handle traffic. Sal is working on the problem, but new good servers cost mucho dinero. And that's why CF needs everyone to be a site supporter! :)

04-18-12, 03:38 AM
^I did it for a while once. Really, it was only because I wanted a custom title, rather than "Cadillac Owners Enthusiast"

Also, it would appear that I am also apparently now a "Connoisseur". Fancy.

04-18-12, 06:48 AM
Please see the companion thread "Site is slow..............." - This is the Forum for site news and feedback........Sal is working on and around a huge data logging file that slowly enlarges and then slows site replies.

05-11-12, 05:40 PM
5:30 PM - site has been getting slower and slower all day - time to clear the logs and cache............alternating "waiting for cadillacforums.com" and "transferring data from cadillacforums.com". 2 and 3 minute page loads with timeouts.

05-11-12, 06:31 PM
no need to repeat yourself

05-12-12, 08:10 AM
I didn't do that..........took 2 minutes and a timeout last eve to post it - just cleaned it up. Probably came from trying to get out of the Forum.

Lord Cadillac
05-12-12, 10:38 AM
At the moment, it's moving very fast for me. So I don't think it's the log issue. Keep me posted on how the site reacts this afternoon as traffic builds up. It's been a little busier than usual the past few days...

05-18-12, 12:04 AM
Site is very slow for me. For whatever reason it requires numerous clicks to go back and you always lose your search results page after viewing a thread or two.

Certainly bottom 2% of websites I visit in terms of speed. Not trying to insult, but it's noteworthy enough that I navigated to this section to post.

05-18-12, 09:06 AM
the site has been very quick for me lately

... although non-supporting members get a lot more ads so that may contribute to being slower

05-23-12, 11:21 PM
No issues here.