: N* Upper to Lower block half sealing procedure.

03-19-12, 07:16 PM
Anyone know if the procedure below is still the current procedure to seal the upper and lower block halfs of a N* engine?



03-20-12, 10:47 AM
That's it.

03-20-12, 10:59 PM

Thanks for the info. I assume that the original rubber gasket comes out of the groove in the upper block half and is thrown away and not reused. The groove is then filled with the sealant. Just want to confirm this.
Just one last thing. With the new cartridge type crankshaft rear main seal do you still need to put sealant in the housing as mentioned below.

03-21-12, 10:26 AM
The original halfcase silicone seal is not used.

I have not done the new cartridge, so will have to duck that question - ask AJXTCMAN, Joe Tahoe or Jake.