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I know there's a decent amount of guys here in the tri state area so I figured I'd throw this out there. NASA is holding three events this year at NJMP. First one is April 20-22 on the lightning course. Second one is May 25-27 on the thunderbolt course and the last one will be August 3-5 back on the lightning course. I'm deffinatly going April 21st and I'm going to try and make it atleast one day for the other two events. If anyone wants more info shoot over to nasane.com and check their full schedule

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Their website says $325 a day with an instructor or two days for $600

03-20-12, 08:53 AM
There are other clubs that run at NJMP, too, so it's worth taking a look at NJMP's calendar (http://www.njmp.com/racing/event-calendar/all-events.html) and seeing what events you might be able to get to. For instance, there are quite a few BMWCCA and PCA events - depending on which chapter it is, they may or may not let non-members attend their track events. It's free to send them an email and ask the question. :)

Personally, I'm not a fan of NASA events, because they run HPDE, club racing, and time trials all in the same weekend. That means there are tons of people there, so the paddock area is jammed, particularly since all of the racers and TTers have trailers and tow vehicles. And, even more importantly, you don't get as much track time as you would at an HPDE-only event because the racers and TTers have to get practice and qualifying and race/timed sessions in.

I'm currently an Audi Owners Club member, despite never having owned an Audi, just so that I can attend the HPDEs that the Potomac-Chesapeake Chapter puts on. I see that the Northeast Quattro club (http://www.neqclub.org/event-calendar/icalrepeat.detail/2012/06/18/61/34/NDQ1MTMxOTdkMjgwMTM0MWFkYTE5ZjAyNzFjNmI2OGM=/new-jersey-motorsports-park-.html) is running both Lightning and Thunderbolt (one day on each) in June for only $450. You can join the Audi Owners Club (which doesn't require owning an Audi) for $49 for a year, so that is a pretty good deal. I was a BMWCCA member a couple years ago for the same reason.

Sports Car Driving Association (SCDA) (http://www.scda1.com/schedule) is running a couple of NJMP events in June and September. $545 for 2 days, but if you register more than a month in advance you can knock off 10%, so that takes it down to $490. They're an HPDE-only club.

And while I'm blathering on about options, there are other tracks in the Mid Atlantic / Tri-State area that may or may not be more convenient for folks to get to.

Some good links:

Track Links:

VIR: www.virclub.com
Summit Point: http://www.summitpoint-raceway.com/
NJMP: http://www.njmotorsportspark.com/
Watkins Glen: http://www.theglen.com/
Pocono: http://www.poconoraceway.com/
Nelson Ledges: http://www.nelsonledges.com/
BeaveRun: http://www.beaverun.com/
Monticello: http://www.monticellomotorclub.com/
Lime Rock: http://www.limerock.com/

Their website says $325 a day with an instructor or two days for $600
That's just for HPDE1. For those that already have experience it's not as expensive (although it's still not cheap - $295/$540).

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Nice including all the links, Pat. SCDA is a little pricey but well run. I agree, there are better ways of tracking your car than NASA. If you want to compete, NASA is where its at. But for enjoying your car, go elsewhere...

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Ill admit Im kind of a newb when it comes to knowing all of the smaller organizations. I just want to get some track time in with my car now that I have the Potenza RE-11s and DD so I dont have to worry about breaking it (at least not too badly....) Ill have to check out the aforementioned but Im still going on the 21st. It is my birthday after all. Id like to hit the track with a bunch of other Vs being I miss every daym V day....

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I also run with the Audi club (ACNA) with the Potomac chapter. Great group. Also the Porsche club (PCA) with the Schattenbaum chapter that spends a lot of time at NJMP...and less $.

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I agree, there are better ways of tracking your car than NASAhttp://www.infoocean.info/avatar2.jpg

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I agree, there are better ways of tracking your car than NASAhttp://www.infoocean.info/avatar2.jpg

did u not see my post for the meet april 22nd, y would u go the 21st HAHA. we already have 2 free passes we are giving out as a promotion. D3 is sponsoring this and that day and get a GROUP RATE on racing... we have it booked as a forum WAY UNDER 325$$ if u come w/ us.

2 D3 representatives are already there the whole weekend racing.... up to you tho

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I agree, there are better ways of tracking your car than NASAhttp://www.infoocean.info/avatar2.jpg
[D]id [yo]u not see my post for the meet [A]pril 22nd[?] [Wh]y would [yo]u go the 21st[?] HAHA.
I don't see anything in the post you quoted about going the 21st or the 22nd. :confused: HAHA


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He means me. I want to get as much seat time as possible this year. The 21st is already pretty much paid for (thanks to an awesome girlfriend) and I cant think of a better day to spend my birthday. The 22nd was sketchy because theres a concert I want to go to in Philly but I just found out they are playing in NYC on the 20th so Ill just do that. I sent an email to mark about the group rate for track time on Sunday.

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He means me.
I knew what he meant. I guess "The Kid" could only find the "Reply With Quote" button for Carolie86's post? Operating this forums can be darn tricky at times!

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Especially if you have the iPhone app like me. I screw up posts quite often because of it. And I'm size large for the t

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