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03-19-12, 01:51 PM
Well I did the brakes and hubs on my 93 Coupe last week. Mistakenly ordered too many front brake hoses, but was a bit surprised they were all the same. So here's a few pic to check out. Another thing that annoyed me was the rotors. I bought a pair of GM stealership rotorsseveral years ago, was told these are the best for my car at the time. Front brakes have never lasted long on my car so I decided this time I'd just go with middle of the road rotors and pads. I never go 120 mph, so high performance parts aren't needed. Turns out the new rotors are thicker with less web for less than half what I paid for the AC Delco rotors years ago. Yeah, what's up with that?? After I get her all apart, I realize the front left axle CV is stiff. So I'm going to have to replace that like real soon. Shouldn't that be easy to flex? The boot isn't leaking or anything just a bit stiff. It's getting to be one thing after another with this damn car lately. Anybody got a brand recommendation for the ball joint and axle. I've been checking prices and they all seem to be in the same ballpark, just curious if one is better than the other as most parts I've bought in the past are made in china. :rant2: Kinda makes me sick to think we can't make or buy American parts for our American made Caddys. Here's some pics.





BTW, front LH caliper was froze so I just replaced both, and those are only available in reman. I don't know if the stealership has new ones or not, don't have the money to support them.


03-21-12, 05:28 PM
Stealership...funny. Well the hoses thing doesn't suprise me a bit, they get parts made by may mfg's. Alot of times it's a rebox only job. I have found name brands in store boxes a bunch of times. You'd be surprised how many people complain if it doesn't say "AC DELCO" on a box. Not me, quality and price over name. As for the rotors, unless they are warping they don't really have anything to do with pad life. They have a min thickness stamped on them and vehicle is designed for certain travel of pads. I am surprised to see such a large difference esp on the inside of them, since it take more abuse. Obviously the ac's are cheopo reboxes. I try and compare rotors at the store just because I have paid more for crappy rotors myself. Suspensio parts are where I find it hard to get all the same brand and quality. Have the tiime I think they rebrand cheap stuff so they have a "better" quality to offer. I usually end up taking have the crap I get back because of this so I don't order susp parts online either. Good catch by you and it's sad to know how many peopl get taken from stuff like this....

03-22-12, 10:22 AM
Going back and looking at the boxes my parts were in, some were actually made in USA. The pads as an example were made in USA. Didn't look at the box for the rotors, but will later. I chose Raybestos for the rotors and pads, don't know why except that last set were AC Delco and turned out to be shit. Raybestos claims the thicker rotors cool better, may have been why I chose them. AC Delco does not = Delco Moraine either. A lot of people don't realize just because it has Delco in the name does not mean it is the same original factory installed part. Take caps and rotors, in the past most had Delco-Remy molded into the part and made in USA. AC Delco may or may not have on the part itself where it was made, should be marked on the box and usually be made in china. The quality is apples and oranges if you were to compare side by side. What pisses me off is that the molds are already here in the US for parts like that, (cap and rotor) but we go to china have a new set of molds made and the quality of the part is garbage. As I mentioned about the axle in mine that I thought the joint was stiff, went to the junkyard the other day and found a car that only had 40k so I pulled the hub just to get an idea what it was like. It was no different as for the feel of the joint.

03-22-12, 11:32 AM
Not sure what you mean by "stiff", but there should be some resistance there - it shouldn't just flop around in your hands with no effort, else there might be some wear.

Either way, stiff or floppy (get your head out of the gutter), the joints are fine if they aren't making noise or causing vibration. They are very simple, there's not much to fail. Generally, as long as the boots are fine, the joints will last FOREVER. It's when the boots break, joints starve of lube, and water/dirt gets inside that there's a problem.

03-22-12, 10:08 PM
OK, thanks for that bit of "stiff" explanation. Yeah, boots are fine. In years past, I ran from any and every FWD car knowing what problems early models had, (FWD Cadillac Olds, and Buick) with boots. (My Dad was a Service Manager for a Buick Chev dealer and later at a Cadillac dealer. Uh yeah, customer service was handled much different then compaired to these days). They have come a long way since then with materials used to make the boots.