: awesome paint idea! is it possiable? - black diamond

03-17-12, 05:33 PM
i have an 04' V, it has the factory silver gloss coat on it still, but the car has just hit 88k, and the paint is starting to crack in places and also chips here and there, anyways ever since GM came out with the new black diamond V's i fell in love with the paint, i really want to get my V painted in the beautiful Black Diamond paint, but i dont know how, or where to get the paint, and also someone in north west GA that could do a perfect job on it......

03-17-12, 10:45 PM
Contact a member here with a black diamond V and get their paint code. Then go to any automotive paint supplier and give them the paint code.

03-18-12, 12:35 AM
Black Diamond and White Diamond Tricoat are hands-down the nicest colors for Caddys. Are you planning on also smoking out your wheels and painting your calipers yellow? Saw a V2 Wagon the other day with the Black Diamond/Gunmetal Wheels/Yellow Calipers combo and it was :bouncy:

03-18-12, 02:29 PM
Id love to see a V1 painted with the diamond white. Especially with black grilles and black roof.