View Full Version : 4.9 Injectors

03-17-12, 03:46 PM
I noticed the injectors for a 93 are different than for a 94. Does anybody know the difference except that the ones in a 94 are about an 1/8" shorter? I have a set for a 94 that I would like to use someday if I could get them to work. Does anybody have a part number for the fuel rail in a 94? I might need to go back and get that is all that is different.

03-17-12, 05:07 PM
I wasnt aware that 93 & 4 were different. In any case, the shorter ones should work just fine as there is enough length to the rail bosses to cover the o-rings. I've used ford injectors for thousands of miles on mine and they are about 1/4" short. Flow rate and coil resistance should be the same for all injectors from 91 to 95.

03-19-12, 02:00 AM
Did a quick check on related parts, the fuel pressure regulators are the same between 93 and 94. So I'm guessing fuel pressure is the same for both. I'm going to swing by and see if I can get my hands on the fuel rail these things were on, very low miles on the injectors. And they were too cheap to pass up at $5.99 each.