: WP cam price

03-15-12, 11:58 AM
Are used 99 WP cams rare? I saw a guy on CL that wants $125 for used cam. I see lots of cars in boneyard with intact motors. Maybe I should grab a few. Or is the guy a doorknob?

03-15-12, 12:23 PM
What's a "WP" cam ???

New intake and exhaust cam(s) price(s) for your engine are scary. Regrinds are not far behind. Cam followers (lifters) are also high ticket items, and all 32 of them must be replaced with the cam(s): cams and followers bed together - once mated you can't swap them.

03-16-12, 11:08 AM
Water pump cam. Some people try and remove pulley with hammer. A guy even posted on this site he broke the pulley extension on cam? Whew! That's a good trick. There are 2 vin cams of course. Maybe the hi-po cam is pricey? I figure it's just a guy on the Internet trying to jack up the price on a "rare" part. I can buy core motors for $50.

03-16-12, 10:22 PM
Good used cams are hard to find and expensive - $125 seems very fair...if it's still good