: Tire Rack "closeout" Conti Extreme Contact DW 275/45-18 for your summer rear tires

03-15-12, 08:09 AM
Good deal on Tire Rack right now: Conti Extreme Contact DW summer tires. 275/45-18 only $100 each.

Two days ago they had 275/40-18, but they sold very fast.

I hope the difference between the 275/40 and 275/45 will not cause us any difficulties?

- Nut

OneFast V
03-15-12, 10:46 AM
If you run them on all 4 wheels they shouldn't
but if you run staggered they might

03-15-12, 11:23 AM
Thanks FastV.

Reading some past tire posts, some folks were stating that running the 275/45-18 in the rear gives the car a bit a "raked" looked, and many like that look.

$100 a tire, great price for those. Hope they work out.

03-15-12, 11:42 AM
Do you have a truck motor? Cause truck tires would be apropos.

Seriously, though, I'd get something else...

03-15-12, 11:47 AM
Is the difference between the 275/45 and 275/40 going to be that much different? I thought I read somewhere the height difference is less then an inch. Looking at my stock tires now, it looks like I have almost 3 inches between tire and fender now.

I value your opinion Jim, and am curious why reccomend not getting these for our cars?

03-15-12, 12:06 PM
It probably won't be an issue. I know there is a decent difference in look between my stock tires and track tires. Your difference will be similar the other way.

Performance probably won't be noticeable. Looks are subjective.

03-15-12, 12:09 PM
I already bought them this morning, was afraid they would sell out fast like the 275/40's did. I will post some pictures and feedback once installed for any others out there thinking about running this setup.

As always, Thank you. The members on this forum are so knowledgable.

DDS rollin a CTS
03-15-12, 12:50 PM
275/40 would be the same diameter as our stock 245/45, 275/45 will be slightly larger, less than an inch more in overall diameter. Are you planning on putting these on all four corners, or just the rear? You might not have enough clearance around the suspension to fit a tire that wide up front, though I have heard of at least one other person who made it work. Different brands are shaped differently though... I just bought new tires for my car, bridgestone re-11's in the stock size. I'm guessing if I lick em you'd be able to stick my car to the ceiling once they're on. Heck of a lot more expensive but I wanted the best for autocross.

03-17-12, 01:01 AM
These should rub like crazy up front unless you run rock crawling air pressures.

04-16-12, 09:43 AM
Follow up post installation:

1) The 275/45-18 on the rear fit excellent. No rubbing, no fitment issues, and they look great.
2) These Conti Extreme Contact DW's are incredible tires. Extremely sticky, but the best past is how smooth and quite they are. I have been running Blizzack snow tires for awhile now, and am amazed at how much more smooth the car rides now.
3) The wider rear tires seem to allow for greater acceleration coming out of the corners. I know the Blizzack's are known to break free easily, but the combo wider and stickier tire makes such a big difference in overall traction.

Great "Closeout" prices, great tire, very pleased.

04-24-12, 07:54 PM
How about pics of car and tread