: HELP! Pwr Steering leak at a hose connector what do I do?

03-14-12, 11:45 PM
Hi Gang,

I replaced my power steering pump, and can't get the return hose from the cooler line to stop leaking. There are no o rings in it, not sure if there were when I started or not, but now it leaks at the quick connect fitting, and no one seems to have replcements of this item, any ideas? has anyone else delt with this and how did you over come it?

I'm thinking of just cutting the flex line and clamping it to the metal retun, but it appears to be a pressure line, and not sure if that will work..


03-15-12, 11:54 AM
To clarify, have a Cad parts man show you the exploded view on his screen. I dont believe this fitting is Allante specific. The view will verify an O ring or not. You might try allantesource.com as well.

03-16-12, 12:43 PM
The guy that I work with used to be a GM mechanic. He's never worked on an Allante, but said that most cars use a wire spring clamp for this. Being a return line, the pressure is lower. He said that the picture looked a lot like fuel line connections, which don't have O rings, but do have some sort of soft inner ring. He also said to make sure that if you shorten the hose, to make sure it doesn't rub on anything, or you can get wear thru.

Good luck.

03-22-12, 07:29 PM
Thanks guys to all who responded, I was actually able to use an O ring tried several out of a mixed assortment of standard and metric ones purchased at a local auto parts store before finding one that was perfect and didn't leak.