View Full Version : Hitch recommendation

03-13-12, 09:26 PM
How many inches of drop should I use when towing an open car trailer? I plan on hauling my CTS V to the track this year just in case I wad it up and need to haul it home.

03-13-12, 11:12 PM
I had to build a hitch to get the right drop for my enclosed trailer. The only thing that I wanted was to make sure when the trailer was loaded it sat level when it was hooked to my ESV.

03-14-12, 07:12 AM
It's really going to depend on your trailer, I have had many thru the years and have from straight to 10" drop ball mounts

03-14-12, 07:34 PM
If you have the load level rear the weight in the trailer won't cause a change. You would have to measure your trailer height to figure the drop. Lowe's and Walmart have a fine selection of hardware and take stuff back with very little questioning so you could try them out.

03-14-12, 08:19 PM
Get an adjustable hitch from http://www.inventivehitches.com/store/pc/home.asp and you're gtg to matter what you pull.