: Passenger side water leak, near firewall/ mostly transmission side.

03-13-12, 06:52 PM
I dropped my boss off at sea-tac airport last week and it was just pouring rain, realized it leaks when i accelerate. It is a very strong drip and apparently it seems like its spraying once in a while. I checked the Hvac and there was nothing clogging it when i poked in towards the drain. Im stumped i poured about 6 litres of water on the passenger side window vents/cowl/windshield/A pillar/ checked the sun roof drains and they are working fine.

I hope somebody can help me out i really dont want to be vacuuming a litre or 2 of water out of the carpet every rainfall.


edit: when i poke the coat hanger in the hvac should i have put it down towards the floor/tranny or up into the box?

03-13-12, 07:54 PM
See attached.