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03-13-12, 11:07 AM
Hello all, I just bought a new to me 08 CTS premium...it's a very nice car and it rides awesome although when starting it I hear a little fluttering, the dealer said it was from the previous owner using regular gas vs. Premium...I've been using premium gas and continue to hear the fluttering...can anyone suggest a solution or what the cause may be? Thanks in advance!

03-13-12, 12:28 PM
I thought all our engines were designed for and are recommended to use the lowest octane rated gasoline at the pump (87), not premium fuel (89 or above).

03-13-12, 01:01 PM
He said that the designed for regular (87) but it can cause the injectors to become dirty.. I don't like the flutter that I hear and I'm thinking it's the injectors from regular gas or possibly a miss fire of the spark plugs so it may need a tune up... I just don't want to have to put alot of money into a car I've only had a week.

03-13-12, 01:15 PM
Purchase a bottle of Chevron engine cleaner and put it into an empty tank of gasoline when you do the fill-up. Follow manufacturer's instructions. IF you really want to work it, try a can of seafoam. All gasolines today have additives for cleaning the injectors. Just use a quality gas, not the low-end resellers.

You didn't mention the mileage.

03-13-12, 02:28 PM
I will try that today, it has 54k on it ....thank you Tinman

03-13-12, 02:45 PM
You're welcome. I usually run a bottle of Techron every 50k. Cheap insurance.

03-14-12, 11:47 AM
My 2011 3.6 (4,300miles)flutters upon startup with an elevated idle for less than 1 minute. Then it returns to "normal" idle, and is smooth as silk. I assume that's normal. I think they all do that.