View Full Version : Sunroof will not close

03-12-12, 10:00 AM
I have a 2004 CTS-v. I went to close the sunroof and nothing. After viewing the posts on the forum, I found the reset proceedure. I tried this no less than 9 times. No difference. However I did notice an audible "click" sound when I moved the sunroof switch to other positions. I have since ordered and replaced the switch as it had failed on me twice before. This time it was out of warranty and I paid the $50. I need some advice on what to try next. Is there a possibility of a bad fuse? If so which one? Are there relays in the fuse box (backseat)? Is there a bad sunroof module? I still am not sure what this does?

I am trying to avoid dropping the headliner but I will do so if needed.

Please advise. Thanks.


03-12-12, 11:02 AM
See attached.