: New member asking opinions on 04'

03-10-12, 05:37 AM
hey Everyone....

I have been lurking for a while and have an opprotunity to pick up an 04 from a dealer. I called and asked about the service history....there were a few misc things that were mentioned but the 3 things I was mostly concerned about was the top, the headlight buckets, and radiator.

I was told that the sockets had been replaced, (but no mention regarding the Buckets)

I was told that the reservoir tank was replaced, (but no mention regarding the radiator)

And no service has ever been preformed on the top.

My question is this. Being a first time XLR owner, and purchasing this 04' with 30k miles on it...knowing that the above service has (or has not) been done, would you stay away? There is no warrenty on the car, and my wife will kill me if I buy this and find out I have $3-4k worth of repairs that need to be done. The Cadillac dealer that is selling it out of state, and it may be a sight unseen purchase.

would love to hear your opinions...

03-13-12, 12:41 AM
Run! The 04's and 05's have the highest reports of issues by far. If you still want to risk it, don't trust what they tell you, have them fax you a complete Service History. The majority of salespeople know less about the car than you do. The car evokes a strong emotional response from those who are interested in them; the sales people know that.

Since it's in another state, have you seen boatloads of high-rez pictures of it? Scope out the interior console aluminum accent trim; if it's dented, you'll pay hundreds to get new pieces, just for starters. Seen any shots of the front headlights to ensure the DRLs aren't damaged? $1000 each there. Without a warranty, you're asking for trouble, and the car WILL eat you alive financially if it ends up being a problem child. Some aftermarket warranties are available from Credit Unions. They go from $1600-4000 for 4 years of coverage. Many do not cover the folding top and associated electronics, so you have to read the fine print, not what the underwriter tells you.The top is one of the most trouble-prone subsystems on the car. If the one you're looking at hasn't had the sensors updated and latest firmware installed, you may pay a few hundred there too. It took Cadillac until '06 to get the XLR sorted out; from then on you rarely see problem posts. I suggest waiting for a later model at a price you're comfortable with. It's just a car and not worth upsetting the Happy Wife/Happy life mantra.

This car requires a certified XLR tech for the XLR specific-repairs; otherwise you're paying someone to learn on your dime. If your local dealer doesn't have a certified tech, that's bad. . . This is not a DIY repair car for all but the most trivial repairs.

I'm sure others will chime in with their tales of either absolute bliss or Greek Tragedies. I like mine, but I can work on it, so I avoid my dealer except for all but the most horrible repairs. In the four years I've owned this car, I'd say something fails about every 3 or four months. Last night it was one of the lift cylinders for the hood, so I'll buy a pair and install them. Fun stuff and not too expensive. ($70)