View Full Version : SWPS Pricing

03-09-12, 08:55 PM
Hey, I'm looking for a Steering Wheel Position Sensor for my 98 STS. The last 8 of the VIN are WU931338. Thank you!

03-12-12, 08:48 AM
sorry about the delayed response... i've been pretty busy this weekend with family in town

$263.58 - list price
$187.80 - your price

I don't stock it but it will only take me a day or two to get from GM.

Shipping will depend on where you are but shouldn't be much since it's a small and light part.


03-12-12, 03:23 PM
Don't worry about it any response is a good one. It may take me a little while to come up with that but I'll keep in touch and give you a heads up. Thank you!

03-12-12, 04:25 PM
no problem... just give us a call when you're ready to order