: LS6 V Harmonic Balancer questions

03-09-12, 01:07 PM
Hello all, I Just bought my first 04 V1 and LOVING IT, I Got a steal on it knowing it needed a few things worked on, one is the Harmonic balancer, it had a slight wobble, you could see the rubber coming out on one side, so im going into town today to buy gm oem balancer w/ new bolt, I Had a 1995 corvette LT1 that i replaced the balancer on and I Had a machine shop make a intaller tool for me and im wondering if the thread count is the same? also so i need to heat up the balancer before install? and do i need to grease the crank snout? also does anyone have the torque specs on the crank bolt? some have said that i can drive it in with the crank bolt...but that sounds a little scarey.:bonkers: thanks guys!

03-09-12, 01:19 PM