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03-08-12, 12:00 AM
Hello my name is brandee and i am from holland mi. I just bought a 1994 eldorado with 91000 miles. It runs and rives great and i hope it will be a good car for many years to come it was owned by an older couple and came with maintance records. It was taken care of. I am new to the world of northstar i hear they are good engines and everything. I have been hearing about people having head gasket issues however. I was wondering since my car runs on green antifreeze if this helps releive some of the drama with the heads? I also was wondering if anyone knows of a fair priced mechanic in the west michigan area that works with caddys? Thanks and i hope to gain alot of useful info on this forum!

03-10-12, 05:29 PM
welcome to the forums!

03-10-12, 08:41 PM