: Bluetooth/MP3 Integration

03-07-12, 08:40 AM
I'm pretty new with a 2007 low mileage Escalade ESV. Very pleased with the nicities. I've read several of the posts on what people have done with their rides and I've some good things.

I'm still trying to educate myselfe on getting a VCIM swap for bluetooth but I'm curious about the MP3 integration. I've seen where you can use the aux function and use an ipod/iphone/ipad component cable but I'd really like a more seamless and clean look. Is there anyway to get USB connectiving like the 2008 and above vehicles?

In my previous vehicles I've used a cassette adapter but these vehicles don't have them. I don't use CDs and althought I like the xm radio, I like to listen to stuff on my iphone like pandora or i heart radio, netflix, crackle, etc.

Any good, clean looking solutions out there?