: front strut lower bushings?

03-06-12, 10:50 AM
Hey y'all! My employer has an 07 Escalade ESV (~145K mi) that's eating the inside edges of the 22" front tires. I took it to a very trusted shop who say the bushings at the bottom of the struts have failed. Can the bushings be replaced? Or have you bought the take-out struts from ebay sellers like SchramAutoparts or GandRautoparts? I'm a cheap ba$t@rd personally, and my employer can pinch a penny til it screams, so it'll hurt us both to pay $1300 for struts and alignment.... Of course, it hurts to trash tires at $450 ea, so it's gotta get fixed one way or the other.


Caddie Shak
03-06-12, 06:59 PM
Bushings at the bottom of the struts? Do you mean the ball joints (http://www.carpartsdiscount.com/auto/parts/2007/cadillac/escalade/ball_joints/ball_joint.html?3593=276318&slide=1)?

03-06-12, 09:15 PM
1300? 450 per tire? Try 325 MSRP 260 tire rack. You spin a nice yarn.

Maybe a 2nd opinion would help. It could be a simple camber/caster kit to remedy your issue.

03-07-12, 01:27 AM
Thanks for the input so far. I'd never been under a current generation GM truck, and the pictures of the shock/spring unit did look like struts. So, now that I've been under it, I know they're coil-over shocks and they have nothing to do with the alignment or tire wear. They probably _do_ have something to do with the huge clunk in the front end when going over speed bumps.

BTW, Caddie Shak, there's a big bushing where the shock mounts to the lower control arm. That's what I meant. When the shop told me they were struts, I thought a rubber bushing at the bottom of the strut was pretty dumb. I'll be re-evaluating my opinion of this shop.

And FredS, I got your yarn right here, buddy. I have very little experience in taking cars to the shop. In almost 30 years of owning a car, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've paid someone to work on my vehicle. But $1300 sounds about right for a shop buying parts at the dealer, marking them up and charging a stiff labor rate. That's why I don't go to shops. As for $450 tires, maybe I started thinking about $450/pair, but got my recollection jumbled. That, and my employer doesn't shop at Tire Rack. Maybe if they give me a company credit card that'll change.

Anyway, I'm looking at lower-cost shock alternatives. If it was mine, I'd do the takeoff parts or Bilsteins. For this one, I might do the Monroe conversion. Can't be worse than 140K mi original parts, can it? And it's got new bushings. It's my coworker's job to get his hands dirty, so he can do the installation. I'll take it to the dealer for the alignment. When I had an Oldsmobile with a factory warranty, I was about 50% satisfied with this dealer, which is a compliment coming from me. Of course, that was ~7 years ago. We'll see how they do.

If anyone has any last-minute input on the takeoff stuff on eBay or the Monroe parts, I'd love to hear it.