: BRAKE LIGHT DELEMA 1999 Eldorado

03-06-12, 04:05 AM
The tail two brake lights donít come on when the brake is applied; however, the high mount does light up.

Fuses are good. Turn signals & hazzards & lights & backup lights all work. I, also, replaced the brake light switch. What else should I check?

What color are the wires to the brakes? I see green, brown, black on the passenger side & yellow, brown, black on the driver side.

Where are the grounds? How do I check them?

Are there bulbs that are, specificly, just for the breaks? If so, which ones - top, middle or bottom?

10-10-12, 10:42 AM
Had the same problem, no brake lights except for high mounted and turns, hazards, backups worked. Checked bulbs (although when removing, I didn't turn them when I put one back in, has to be a full push in then turn) and fuse. Went to a GM dealer and they replaced my turn hazard switch and now seems to be fine.