: 2005 DeVille Rear Springs, so many choices???

03-04-12, 10:34 PM

I find this when trying to gain insight into the differing springs available:

KD,KE,KF (8CC, 8CD, 8CF, 9CC, 9CD, 9CF)

KD,KE,KF (8CH, 8CJ, 9CH, 9CJ)

KD(69) (8FD, 9FD)

Why 3 different part numbers?
What are: "PCF," "PCH," and "NCR"
What are: all the other nomenclature?

What about all these??

SPRING RR,(MAX LOAD 8817.6 /MIN LOAD 2692.0)
KD (FE7)

SPRING RR,(CODE 9201),(58/10125 RATING)
KD (FE7)

SPRING RR,(MAX LOAD 9157.8 /MIN LOAD 3232.0)
KD (FE7)

KD (FE7)

what does "27/4600 RATING" mean?

I am guessing that the "39**xxx" part numbers are for limo/hearse applications as the diagram shows a 6lug wheel?

What am I getting at - wondering about stiffer rear springs, I have a 'base' model. Is there a way to get a spring stiffness value from the listings?

From what I think I know there are:

- base/DHS springs - these are 'soft'
- Touring/DTS springs - these are 'firmer'
- limo / hearse springs - I'd guess these are stiff as 'a board'

03-05-12, 11:05 AM
ok so where to start...

the 'code' listings are another designation that should be on a tag on the spring
kind of used for extra verification since with a VIN number in the parts catalog it should only show one of those

KD, KE, KF are body style codes for devilles (KS, KY are sevilles)
KD is regular deville
KE is luxury deville (DHS)
KF is touring deville (DTS)

the codes after the body style are the RPO (regular production options) codes
that's how the parts catalog filters the parts out that don't fit the vehicle

FE7 is the heavy duty suspension (limo/livery) RPO code
i'm not really familiar with the descriptions and ratings that are given there though


as far as I understand these suspensions the springs are used to hold up the vehicle's weight and while they can affect the ride the shock/strut dampens the spring's oscillation

the spring rates on the limo are more varied because the weights can be much different

the spring rates on the Deville/DHS/DTS are going to be the same (they take the same springs actually) because they weigh about the same
the shocks and struts change the stiffness in this application

if you put a limo spring on a regular deville the spring wouldn't be able to oscillate that much since it's much stiffer and the weight of the regular deville doesn't make it compress much so there's not much travel that the shocks and struts have to dampen (if they can - they might not be strong enough to deal with the stiffer springs)


basically what i'm getting at is that these suspensions are not meant to be modified

if you are having a problem you should rectify it with the correct repair

03-06-12, 01:06 PM
Excellent, thanks Chris. That's very good info.

03-06-12, 01:14 PM
no problem