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11-16-04, 10:59 AM
Hey Gang!

Just took delivery of my '05 STS 1SG/K59 - Black/Black - Whatta SCHWEET Ride! Picked her up on Saturday the 14th. (Yes, it's a HER - and her name is "Priscilla - Queen of Dallas"....OK, I just saw "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" and got carried away)

She's fast as stink, bada$$ stereo and ultra-luxe, but she's quirky, too.

My biggest gripes, so far:

The buttons on the steering wheel are seriously counter-intuitive. Why do I need the "GAP" button for the ACC/HUD on the wheel? I will rarely, if ever, futz with the gap when on ACC - this valuable wheel-real-estate could have been used for something I need all the time, not something I'll use extremely infrequently. The steering-wheel-heat and voice-recognition are the top/bottom of the same button. Hit it wrong and you'll have hot hands and the car STILL won't listen to you!

The brilliant kids at Caddy have removed the Driver 1/2 Store/Recall button from the door panel - and now you hafta go through about 9 different button-presses on the nav screen to either set your seat or recall it. I know they now have the Drive vs. Exit positions, but I rarely change my exit position but DO change the driving position alla time....now I gotta be a computer programmer to save my last seat setting. Annoying.

The voice-control on this lil beastie is abysmal....apalling at best. I ask for one thing, and it goes all wonky and does something stupid. This morning on the way to work, I used the pidgin english you have to learn (OH why can't it just be conversational?) so I tried to set the radio: "RADIO SELECT 7 XM" and the car replied "SET TEMPERATURE 30.5". Duh what? I tried to tell it "NAVIGATION GO HOME" and it turned off the fan....huh?

To add insult to injury, this morning on the way to the office, the power steering croaked. :mad: I barely got into the parking lot. It was like driving a wooden wagon instead of my big luxobarge. Caddy has already flat-bedded Priscilla off to the cardoctor to see what's wrong. The tow truck driver said he could see lots of power steering fluid sprayed all over the underside and I saw it leaking out from the underbody engine shield when they tilted the car on the flatbed......this is gonna be fun.

Finally, the driver's side rear view mirror all of a sudden takes on a life of its' own and just starts moving up & down, and round-n-round....it's a stitch when you're trying to tell of you're gonna cut off a truck in traffic and the mirror is possessed! I don't know how they got it to do the mirror dance, but it's one for the record books. :histeric:

Well, even with all these problems, this is one phine ride. I'm getting lots of looks and she's a real barn burner. The remote start / keyless thang is just an absolute hoot. I keep fumbling for the keys when I go to get out, but that will pass - or I'll break a finger on the steering column. I also can't get used to the push on/push off parking brake. My SRX had the PB release in the same spot the STS has the hood release....I've already opened the hood about a half-dozen times.

That's my rant for the moment.....anyone else got any peccadilloes with a new STS?



11-16-04, 06:36 PM
Frankly, I'm suprised you're in such a good humor about this. That's a lot to go wrong with a high price car in such a short period of time. I hope the dealer is treating you well.

11-16-04, 08:16 PM
I'm starting to have a couple of issues with my 2005 STS. Brakes are starting to sound like you are driving on gravel when I stop and when I'm driving, all of the sudden a ding (bell) will go off. Just one or two dings. My ride is not very smooth. I'm thinking something is wrong with the front end. I'm going to call Sewell Cadillac about it tomorrow.

11-17-04, 10:47 AM
Perhaps your car is male and is rejecting the name "Priscilla - Queen of Dallas." :hmm: He could be acting out.

I hope you get your problems corrected. It's always a bummer to have problems with a new car.

Good Luck,

11-17-04, 11:27 AM
Well, I got a call from the Caddy dealer today to tell me that the STS will be ready for pickup today - IF the parts arrive.

They tell me that the problem with the power steering is because a hose got caught in the serpentine belt. So, in order to fix it they're gonna replace the hoses, the serpentine belt and the power steering pump - all told they say it would have cost me about $3,000 if it wasn't under warranty (Seems a bit HIGH, tho!). Well, with only 187 (Yep, that's One Hundred Eighty Seven) miles on the ODO, it had bloody well better be under warranty.

So, I'm waiting to see if Priscilla will come home tonight.

As far as the identity crisis......I hadn't really thought about it. If SHE's a HE, then HOW can I get HER/HIM/IT to tell me? It's not like I can look under the rear fascia and tell based on whether there are some low hangers there or not! *grin*


11-17-04, 11:29 AM
Brakes are starting to sound like you are driving on gravel when I stop and when I'm driving, all of the sudden a ding (bell) will go off. Just one or two dings. My ride is not very smooth. I'm thinking something is wrong with the front end.

Golfkt, I tend to agree with you - it sounds like you may have something really wrong in the front end. Of course, my measly 187 miles is meaningless in the grand scheme, but the brakes are OK. I do agree with you about the ride...feels like I'm dragging my butt across river rocks most of the time. But then again, the roads in Bangledesh are better than those in Dallas!

Rotsa Ruck!