View Full Version : carb for 77 deville

11-16-04, 05:12 AM
I think the carb in my 77 is just royally screwed, It has been rebuilt, but still it wont run worth a crap. I trust that it was rebuilt correctly and that it is something wrong with the carb itself. however I will take it apart and look at it again and see what i cann find... If anyone has any suggestions as what to look for or where I can get a carb for it PLEASE!!! let me know

11-16-04, 04:21 PM
just make shure theres not alot of white stuff inside, like corrosion. All the seals should be good if it has been rebuilt, but maybe some stuff didn't get put back correctly, or at all. It also could be the idle mixture screws. If worse comes to worse just rebuild a new one off a junkyard caddy. I have a 77 deville carb that I have from a 77 sedan deville that I used on my 79 while I rebuilt my 79's carb. It runs fine if you want it incase yours doesnt work. Email me @ nice_dictator7@yahoo.com if your interested.

11-17-04, 02:11 PM
I am interested...I just didnt have time to email you...so let me know...my email is sizanjdf@hotmail.com if you need it.