: Northern Super Heavy Shootout March 31, 2012 Cecil, MD Springtime Drag Racing

Black Sunshine
03-02-12, 11:28 AM

This event is being organized by one of the greatest amateur street car racing organizations in the country. It is intended to spread the success of an annual event that has been held successfully for over 11 years in the South @ Commerce, GA. http://sshs11.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2&Itemid=2


It's real simple. For a VERY reasonable gate you can run your car all day. There will be open staging lanes for all that just wish to run all day while two racing events will be held in the other lanes. One race is part of the schedule for the East Coast Impala Racing Series. Bracket racing at its finiest with all 91-96 Cevy B-bodies welcome. The main event will be the NSHS. The basic rules to participate is that your vehicle weigh a minimum of 4,000 lbs at the scales with the driver in it after every run. This means everything from pickup trucks to grandma's station wagon, Lincolns and super charged Crown Vics to Chargers and 300's are eligible to enter.

The main reason I'm sharing this is to ask for your help. The core group of organizers for this event are GM car owners. We want to see GM dominate, of course. To be successful we need all GM car owners that can meet the weight limit (even if you have to put your tool box in the trunk), want to learn if you've never been before and are interested in having a lot of fun to consider coming out. The Ford and Dodge guys are getting pretty well organized to hit this event hard and we need help to be sure that GM is well represented.

And last but not least, the hotel parking lot, after race parties are always EPIC.


Please do not hesitate to visit the web site to learn more or contact me thru PM.

Black Sunshine
03-12-12, 03:07 PM
The track screwed around and rescheduled their opening thus messing with our schedule.

The NEW date for the race is May 19th, 2012.