: Smoke tail lights options

03-02-12, 11:02 AM
Hi guys ,

I have an 08 eascalade and i want to smoke my tail lights black i mean black, not completly murdered but at least 70% more than oem. I also want to do the tail over the window.

What are the options ?

I heard about a guy you sent them and he make it for you ans he send them back to you but i cant use my truck during this perios so thats not a good option

Here local shops are not that pro so i am anxious a little bit

Are they good films that can do the job and will look like real paint job and not fakie ?


03-02-12, 08:24 PM
EXT? If so I am selling both OEM tail lights off mine, you could buy them and ship them to the guy to tint, then when you get them back, sell yours...

03-02-12, 09:18 PM
I would think you'd be able to put some film on there to darken them up but I don't know of any. Interested in hearing what you find though.

03-02-12, 09:31 PM
Hey CS, I have an EXT and I will take your tail lights. It looks like the OP has a basic Escalade. Please email me at patmack88 at hotmail. what kind of tail lights did you go with?


PaidG7 im sure you have first crack at the lights... I ordered some static cling off of Ebay and plan to try it tonight. Ill let you know how it works.

03-03-12, 12:28 AM
Just do it yourself. VHT nightshades spray tint. Just take off the tail lights, clean them well and paint them. Give them several light coats instead of a few heavy ones so you don't get any drips. Make sure you spray them with several thin coats of clear coat after. That will make them look glossy and professional. Clear coat spray and nightshades should be available in any auto parts retailer like pep boys etc. Its easy to do yourself...especially if you want them dark. Its harder to do an even light tint but dark is easy.

03-03-12, 09:16 AM
Imin for the film review im affraid of the paint spray and alsowant some black tails.

Study Hard
03-03-12, 12:20 PM
I used a film on my subaru to black out the taillights, and was thinking about doing the same on my escalade. It works quite well, costs about $20 and takes 45 min-hour. Look up Gila window film at your local home depot (can find in the window and door section). It comes in a box that looks like wrapping paper. There are two different shades of black you can get, one that is really dark, and one that is more smoked. Sounds like the OP would want the smoked version (i opted for the black on my subaru). The smoke you can still make out a bit of the red in the OEM tail, as opposed to the black where it looks completely black until the brakes are pressed. To apply, get a spritzer and soak the tail light, and one side of the film. Apply to the taillight, trim with an exacto knife, and remove all bubbles using a credit card. If there are still some small bubbles left, the sun and natural heat should remove them in a few days (if not, use a small pin to "pop" the bubble and smooth out with credit card). Hopefully this works for you, I loved the look on my subaru. I am also thinking about going with the more smoked look for my escalade.

03-03-12, 02:30 PM
thanks everyone for all your answers.

honestly i am not the person the best with manual aptitudes so i dont want to try the painting myself i am scared of doing something wrong and messing up my lights.

the film could be great and i will try to go at the home depot to check that.

do you have any pictures to show us how it looks on your subaru ?

maybe if i buy it and i ask a guy at a window tinting place to install it ..... it can be done ...

Study Hard
03-03-12, 03:30 PM
Here is the dark version. The lighter version is much more transparent, and would probably be how I would go for the escalade. (sorry for the huge picture, can't figure out how to resize).

03-03-12, 11:04 PM
Ok I tried to put the film on last night and it looked like crap. I consider myself to be pretty handy but they didnt turn out well because of the compound curves. Does anyone have any good quality LED tail lights for the EXTs?

03-03-12, 11:08 PM
Painting is really easy. If you really can't do it, pay a shop to do it or buy new tails off eBay.

03-04-12, 08:53 AM
Quattro is right painting is the way to go, or actually a tinted clear...Johns Tinted Tails did mine, they look greg, always getting comments on them and the third brake light as well. I know you said you could not be without the truck for a couple of days so I would suggest either the canned stuff or maybe you could work it our with a local body shop to just take them light on a friday and get them back the following day...Good luck.

03-04-12, 12:47 PM
Ok I tried to put the film on last night and it looked like crap. I consider myself to be pretty handy but they didnt turn out well because of the compound curves. Does anyone have any good quality LED tail lights for the EXTs?

I have the same in clear red rather than smoked and am happy with these


03-08-12, 12:39 AM
Ok and can someone tell me exactly the stuff i need to buy to do the paint job ?