View Full Version : Recently purchaced 2003 Cadillac Dev

03-02-12, 10:49 AM
Have a problem with engine cutting out with no apparent reason. Whether driving or stopped will be running great then just stall without any type of warning. There is no identifiable pattern or cause.

00 Deville
03-02-12, 01:41 PM
Pull the codes per the sticky at the top of the Deville board titled "How to pull codes" then post the codes and definitions back to this thread.

Does it immediately restart with no issues?

03-02-12, 01:48 PM
^^^^ Practice the code pulling sequence - the car's built in system - then return to the sticky post and use the link with "obd2" in the address to get to a Master Index of all P,B,C, and U codes. Decipher any codes found and post it all here.

My guess is that you will fine Current or History codes P0335/6 or P0385/6 - CranKshaft Position sensor(s).

03-02-12, 01:54 PM
It does start again but it takes a cpl of minutes.

03-02-12, 03:55 PM
I pulled the codes...lots of them and can't say I understand what most of the refer to but the 2 that seemed relevant had to do with the MAP sensor and a heated o2 sensor..both of these were current. Does that sound like could be causing my problem?

03-02-12, 04:31 PM
Post the codes you found AND their definitions - one of us might know what they mean...........

I'll bet that you have either or both P0335/6 and P0385/6, either C urrent or H istory. Also, "stall detected".