: How many Miles/Owner Experience? Comparing my two

03-02-12, 10:16 AM
Thought I would start a discussion on since you bought your current Escalade what are your positive/negative experiences and how many miles/KM are on it.

This is my 08 "shorty". I bought it with 45,000 kms (28,000 miles) and it currently has 122,000 kms (77,000 miles). I buy all my vehicles "used". I already owned my 05 ESV for a couple years and really enjoyed it. I could not pass up this deal to purchase the 08. I wanted another ESV as I have 3 children and always use the 3rd row because on a "shorty" the back storage is useless with 3rd row down.

Lets face it they look great and are fun to drive and modify if you so choose.

One annoying feature of the 08 is that in cold temperatures the 22 factory chrome rims always leak air. You have to put air in the tires usually weekly. Had to my tire shop many times and they have tried everything :(. That is another thing that PO'd me was the OEM rims became very oxidized over time and when I went to a dealer they said there was nothing they could do - I just bought 24's and will be putting them on when snow disappears!

I converted all interior lights to LED's and want to put a lockpick GM550 in but am waiting until the music quality of the lockpick gets sorted out.

My 05 ESV had 30,000 kms (18,600 miles) and now has 165,000 kms (102,500 miles) on it. It was my first Escalade! I knew I was keeping it the first mile I drove it. I really like driving this more than the 2008. The seats are more comfortable on long drives and believe it or not it gets better gas mileage than the shorter one. The only real issue I had was with the rear suspension which is common. After replacing 2 compressors and one shock I had enough and converted it to gas shocks and put in some new coils in the back and have never been happier. Custom interior being installed in May. It has after market 20's suede headliner, kenwood head unit with all the toys. Might put in new headlights and grille this summer.

What about your ride(s)? Sorry one picture sideways .......

03-02-12, 12:29 PM
I have had 8 of them since 2007, and two before that, my bad things, my second 2007 exploded in my garage, it was less than a month old and GM replaced it with a brand new truck, two bad gas caps (2009, 2010), ground issue with bad connector connection (2010), HID headlight (2003) , window module (2003), liftgate adjustment (2010)
That has been it, my Caddy's are FAR better than my Benz's, BMW's, Jag, Range Rover's and other euro cars in terms of service, if they weren't I would not drive them. :)

03-02-12, 02:58 PM
8 of them OMG - instead of changing the oil you get a new one :). Exploded wow. Thanks for sharing.

03-02-12, 11:03 PM
First Escalade (2011 Premium, white diamond) Bought it new, only have 6k miles so far, love every single mile driven. No major problem so far, all services done free at the dealer, best service of all brands.

03-02-12, 11:38 PM
8 of them OMG - instead of changing the oil you get a new one :). Exploded wow. Thanks for sharing.

LOL, I think Carl's (I think that's his name) cars are part of his business, as well as personal.

We've had 2 2007s, a 2008, a 2006 and a 2003. One of the 2007s had a bad transmission right out of the gate, but I partially forgive that because it was a high mileage truck, that was exchanged for the second 2007 because the GM techs couldn't figure out how to fix the transmission problem. The second '07 was pretty solid but the throttle tip in was really annoying and it just wasn't enjoyable to drive. It also had the same issue my LS430 6 speeds have had which is that when I would come to a stop and then take off quickly it would literally lurch back into gear. It also had the wind noise problem on the passenger side. The 2008 we've only had for a short while so far but it drives much nicer without the lurch problems and NO wind noise unless the crosswinds are blowing REALLY hard, at which point something makes noise around the mirrors on either side. Things I've noticed on the 2008... Has a slightly lumpy idle, the first 2007 with high miles had this same issue, and others here have reported that also. I consider it to be fairly normal and just varies from truck to truck. The second '07 was very smooth at idle. Also, I have the same problem with the right front wheel losing air after about 7 days (not flat, just enough to trigger the warning). Don't know yet if this is a bad Bridgestone Dueler tire, or a problem with the rim itself.

The most overall "robust" of all of them has been the 2006. I got that one with 75000 miles in 2008 as a ONE owner truck from a Palm Beach Cadillac dealer during the height of the first gas crisis. Paid 16.7k for it back then :) which was a steal. It was dark blue with the tan interior and looked absolutely brand new in every way. It never gave me a single hint of trouble, and I agree that while the 2007+ interior is nicer to *look* at, the 2006 and 2003 had nicer FEELING interior components, especially the seats. Don't forget that creamy leather smell in the older trucks which the newer ones just don't have. They don't smell like ANYTHING and I miss that Caddy leather smell.

All of that said, there is no doubt in my mind the 2007+ is the better vehicle with more power and amazing looks. The only vehicle I've owned that I liked as much (or maybe more) was my 2003 Range Rover, which was unusually reliable.