: Need help Swapping out Evap Canister

Ny's Caddy
03-01-12, 11:23 AM

So my check engine light has been on for about a week. I thought it had to do with my cut-outs so didnt look into it much but i guess its not:crybaby:

I would rather be doing some fun upgrades like my free air sub putting in my short shifter or plugs but im not:mad2:.

Could anyone help out? As I have to make a Paper Trail to show the wife im not doing any upgrades but doing something that is a safety precaution and something that must be done..lmfao

03-01-12, 11:50 AM
what code do you have?

Ny's Caddy
03-01-12, 06:32 PM
I believe it was 0442 small evap leak and 0445 same Small evap leak


I believe it was 0442 & 0445 small evap leak

03-01-12, 06:38 PM
i would argue that it's a line going to the evap canister, not the can itself...

Ny's Caddy
03-01-12, 07:36 PM
Wish it was but I have the car up and it looks like the canister has a crack along it. So I wanna pull that first

03-01-12, 07:56 PM

Ny's Caddy
03-01-12, 08:28 PM
Holy Crap I never noticed u had posted those PDF files on there ...
Thanks again Darkman you Are a Machine....

05-28-12, 12:15 AM
where is the canister located?

05-28-12, 09:05 AM
See the attachments to this post: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2004-2007-cadillac-cts-v-general/250907-check-engine-light.html#post2845562

09-08-14, 09:14 AM
See attached.