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02-29-12, 05:04 PM
I am just curious, and have no desire for a cold air intake, even if they made one for the none DI. My question is ,What is the main different, even tho looking at ever thing it looks the same. Why does it not fit?
Since this is my wife's car, and really don't think she wants a CIA anyway:bouncy:

03-11-12, 03:11 PM
For non DI folks that wants a cold air intake....AIRAID make a CIA for all 3.6 and sub models and they don't specify DI or non DI they just say all 3.6's. Looks like a pretty good system to. $297 for the oiled 7 inch cone filter and $304 for the dry filter. Looks exactly like the KPE system, people on this forum are buying. If I were interested in a CIA, I would definitely go with the dry filter for $7 more.

04-01-12, 03:36 PM
After much debate and studying up on the advantages of a cool air system and the better fuel mileage expected, I decided maybe my wife would like a CAI after all. Since she is in the hospital having a hip replacement, this would be a good time to buy, and a nice coming home gift, as long she don't know anything about it.

I ordered the Airaid part number 251-252 with the dry (non oiled) life time huge cone filter. Cost to my front was $304.90 thru AutoAnything.I am really impressed with the quality of this unit It is made in the US with good heavy gage steel and is power coated on both sides. The air supply duct is(for a lack of a better word i'll say plastic) super heavy duty with 1/4 inch walls. The boots are good thick,cloth impregnated material and the duct is smooth inside for good air flow. This product is definately well made and is identical to KPE. As a matter of fact I would believe Airaid makes the KPE.

My car is at the Dealership having the rear axle CV boot replaced. Been there over 10 days awaiting parts.I have been assured by Airaid this fits my Non-Di. We will see, if it will or will not fit and I will let you know the outcome.

04-04-12, 06:12 PM
I installed the airaid on my non-DI yesterday and every thing fit just find as they said it would. If it was not for the huge airaid badge, most people would not even notice it being there. I carried it out on the road today and a definite different can be felt at normal operation. It 's like the car is just waiting to be floored. I did not hear any kind of whistle sounds as reported by some people and the system is actually fairly quite. The engine just seems to run better, and by the way, you get into to it kind of hard; then you know it's there. I am completely satisfied with the Airaid even tho I wanted it mostly for the increased MPG and I believe that will happen. I purchased the one with the dry Lifetime filter. It does not flow quite as much air as the oiled filter, but who cares? That may be why I don't have a whistle sound.

04-12-12, 06:38 PM
Definite HP gain much better throttle response in the lower RPM range.89861

04-27-12, 03:40 PM
Nice job. Didthe same thing on my 2010 3.6 AWD. Yes it is well made and Mark at AIRAID was very helpful wiht a few questions I had. Sounds like cowl induction when you get on it!. Went on a road trip cruising at 73mph with average at 70mph and the computer told me 27.9 mpg over 304 miles. Ordered up the spacer plate for the throttle body and will install that next weekend.

04-27-12, 06:12 PM
Glad to hear that some one else besides myself decided that a CAI can be installed on a non DI and works fairly well. Truthfully I have not really tried mind out yet, other than just around town. There is a definite difference tho, even at low speeds. Let us know if the throttle body spacer does anything.