: Where to buy Rebuilt-Create NorthStar ??

11-15-04, 12:14 PM
Trying to find a N* for a 94 Eldorado " Y " in the Vin #

Jasper wants $4750.00 3yr 75,000 parts and labor.

Is there any other companys that rebuild

Also when was the head bolt issue taken care of or addresses so that
" If "
I bought a new create motor......That I wouldn't end up with another blown head gasket after the warrenty ran out

I'm going to try going the timesert route but I want to be ready just in case the block is cracked or the cyl. walls are bad and the motor is shot. I won't no what I have to do till the motor is pulled out but just want to be ready for anything.......

Thank you in Adv. for you time and assistance :worship: Ken in Michigan

11-15-04, 01:09 PM
Timeserts'll fix it. If you buy a brand new or a rebuilt motor, than any decent shop will have put the timeserts in, and even if they're not, a brand new motor will be fine as long as you make sure you take care of the coolant system and add the Bars stop leak. Good luck!

No More Cadillac's
11-15-04, 06:14 PM
This was posted on another thread Not sure if you have to pay shipping or other costs Its a brand new motor. I havn't found too many rebuilders of Northstar engines one place in Canada and another that builds high performance engines. They are pricey.
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No More Cadillac's
11-15-04, 06:18 PM
BTW If you got a price of $4750 to rebuild or fix the head gasket with a 3 year warranty parts and labor including installation of the motor. I think thats real good and I wouldn't shop much more. I paid $4300 for a one year warranty on a used including install.

11-20-04, 11:43 AM
The $ 4750.00 was just for the motor from jasper ....... no labor
They back the motor for 75,000 mile and 3 yr. parts and labor.

11-22-04, 12:01 AM
Have you priced the headgasket job at your local dealership. The dealership here did my head gaskets for $800 (engine already out of the car) I pd a local garage that has done several N* replacements $700 to do the engine swap. The dealership priced the entire job at $2700. I live in Ky.----ps... while you have the engine out of the car check and retighten the lower case half and oil pan bolts (sources of present or future oil leaks).

11-22-04, 01:03 PM
Dont have a rebuild but I have a good used still in the car. Y vin with 98,000 on it. #313-839-3006.