: will someone plz help?

02-21-12, 08:56 PM
ok so as i said before im a real novice

im looking to just buy a V instead of doing up my 07 3.6 .... but i DO NOT wanna trade it in .. just give it to my wifey..

so when i was reading a couple different posts, i saw someine saw it had the "small engine"? what are the different engines that the V comes in? what are the different trims avaible? and for the best motor, and best trim what would i be looking to spend roughly? do only certain years have the bigger motor? i would LIKE to spend 23k or under.. possible? and whats the difference in specs (HP,ETC) in the two motors/trims.. THANKS for your help - Nick


sorry about the spelling, im posting from my phone and its an old POS.. and it wont let me edit my post :/


02-21-12, 09:21 PM
'04-05 have 5.7L LS6 rated at 400/395
'06-07 have 6.0L LS2 rated at 400/395

Buy whatever has the lowest miles with the best maintenance history. Prices will vary between teens to thirty.

There are no trim levels...no options...everything is standard sans a sunroof.

Get a CAGS eliminator and a short shifter, change all fluids...and...the rest depends on how deep your wallet is.

02-21-12, 10:26 PM
Some will argue more displacement is better. I will argue the 5.7 revs more willingly and is more fun to do so. Enjoy either...

02-22-12, 08:03 AM
^^^ Yeah, what they said.

02-22-12, 11:52 AM
also if your looking at getting a 04-05 make sure the rear end has been upgraded to the 06-07 other than that i dont know of much else to look out for.