: Center caps for an Eldorado

Timber Wolf
02-21-12, 08:23 PM
I have a 98 Eldorado with what I believe is vogue wheels (not sure though). I went to a national tire chain store in the Fresno, CA area to have my alignment done and to turn my white walls to the outside. When the tech took off my Vogue center caps he broke 2 of them and negliected to say anything. I got my car back and it looked fine until the next day when I walked out to it and noticed that 2 of the center caps were nearly coming off. Upon further inspection I made note that the center caps were reinstalled using some sort of silicone as an adheasive. The 10 mile freeway drive home must have loostened them.

I went directly down to the store and brought this to the attention of the of the service manager and he agreed to order me 4 new CADILLAC center caps for my Eldo which is fine by me. My rims are chrome but a VIN lookup on their part returned "Silver" annodized caps. They ordered those (GM Part # 3542616) which I don't think are what I'm looking for. I did an internet search and I'm thinking the caps that I need are (Gm Part # 3542617) I'm uncertain of this because I can't find a picture and would like to know if I'm on the right path.

02-22-12, 08:05 AM
Duplicate post up in Seville/Eldorado.