: New Subwoofer Install

02-20-12, 12:43 PM
Hey everybody, I've got everything to install all my subwoofers and amps, along with capacitors and deep cycle batteries. My question to ya'll is, does removing the rear seat to install the amps and possibly the deep cycle batteries and hardware such as that deactivate the SRS on an 06 CTS? Its not a bose system if that makes any difference at all.

I got my power distribution block, enclosures, switches, cabling, and so forth pretty much just sitting in a pile now in the corner of the room waiting on another box to get here from a distributor at work. (Distributor carries lots of car audio stuff, didn't know that before)

Just trying to avoid any potential surprises I may find half way through. Anybody have any experience in putting a system in the 06 CTS?

Also, I am wanting to rig up some switches to turn off some of the subwoofers. Rigging up seperate switches, one for the 2 15"s and another for the 12"s. Would the best place to put that be in line with a remote power wire? These subs are by far not going to be legal in my city with the noise ordinance and need a quick kill switch for them.... Also my boss (Fiance, you guys know how this goes) has very sensitive hearing so I need to turn them off. Also without draining my battery when they are turned off.

Any ideas are welcome! :)