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Cub Cadet
02-20-12, 08:51 AM
I picked up a Chevy Cruze this weekend and I actually really love the car! With that said, I would like to sell my 2010 CTS-V. The car has 27k miles on it and is black on black with the 6spd manual. The car does not have Recaro's or the sappelle wood trim. It does have every other option though... including navigation, polished wheels, and panoramic sunroof. The car has the full Stainless Works package on it (2" headers, high flow cats, 3" exhaust), New Era CAI, and a dyno tune that yielded 550 rwhp, and 533 rwtq. The car has new tires, 35% tint all around and needs nothing. It has been nicely taken care of and achieves 21-24mpg... shows you how I drive it. The current price is $49,900 for the car and it is located in northeast Ohio if you are interested.

02-20-12, 09:37 AM
In addition to my 2011 V Sedan, I have a 2012 Cruze Eco and I like that car too. It's no V by any means, but its a neat little econo car and it's nice averaging over 40mpg on my work commute.

02-20-12, 09:43 AM
Is the Cruze going to Stainless works?

Cub Cadet
02-20-12, 10:16 AM
Nope, the exhaust of the Cruze is fine :duck:
I want to sell the CTS-V since it will just sit in the garage. I don't need it anymore since I have the Cruze for my work commute and a Chevy 1500 4x4 for hauling things. I want to build a house, so the CTS-V holds me back from getting that accomplished.

02-20-12, 11:41 AM
Man, you go through cars quick! That's your second V IIRC.

I'm looking to move on to something more fuel efficient myself, so I understand the feeling. I've loved having two sports cars the last three years, and being an early V2 owner, but it's time for me to move on as well.

Free bump.

Cub Cadet
02-20-12, 12:01 PM
Not sure what to do with this car... I bought a 2011 Cruze and thinking of selling the 2010 CTS-V with 27k miles. What do you guys think it is worth? It is black on black, no recaros and no sappelle wood trim. Other than that, it has it all. The car also has the full Stainless Works exhaust, New Era CAI, dyno tune (550rwhp/533rwtq), 35% tint, and new tires. What is a good price to sell this?

02-20-12, 02:25 PM
I would go to http://www.kbb.com and plug in your car's info to get a rough value estimate.

02-20-12, 02:35 PM
Based on what I have seen in the market (been looking for one myself), the range I would think it would sell at would be $47k-$52k.

02-20-12, 03:12 PM
I'm confused. :confused:
I thought you had already decided on an asking price in your other thread earlier today, before the mods moved it to the classifieds.

I picked up a Chevy Cruze this weekend and I actually really love the car! With that said, I would like to sell my 2010 CTS-V.

The current price is $49,900 for the car

Having second thoughts?

Cub Cadet
02-20-12, 03:21 PM
Based on what I have seen in the market (been looking for one myself), the range I would think it would sell at would be $47k-$52k.

Right, that is what I have been seeing as well. If I could get $49,900 for the car then I would sell it in a heartbeat today. I know that modifciations don't sell the car, but this one has tatseful, small mods that make it appealing. Plus, this car does get 21-24 mpg most of the time and from that you can see that the car never goes above 2000 rpm. This car has never been to the track, but I wish that I had been able to do that!! Someone will get a nice car in great shape and be able to build it up further, or enjoy it as it is. It is a fun car, but time for a new home.

I had no idea this section existed and for some reason I could not post directly to the classifieds for some reason. This is why the thread got all jacked up.

02-20-12, 03:52 PM
$50K is a bit much and $52K is wishful thinking. Remember you don't have the $3K+ option Recaro seats. But some might see the Manual as worth a little more considering it's rare. See what a dealer would give on trade, add on $3K-$5K and that should be your asking price. So, I'd say bottom line would be $45K and not a dollar less, but I would want around $47K.

Cub Cadet
02-20-12, 05:18 PM
Trade in price is $46ish and the dealer retail was $51ish. I thought my price of $49,900 would be perfect for someone since they would get all of this and still maintain a factory warranty.

02-20-12, 10:40 PM
In all honesty, and I am shopping, but looking for Thunder Gray, Recaros, and no sunroof. I think it was mentioned that the lack of Recaro's might limit the number of people interested. The way I see it, the manual trans is more enthusiast/track oriented, and if I didn't live where I do, I'd be looking for it myself. But, along with the manual, one probably wants the Recaro.

I see the standard seats as being easier to get in/out, which is good, but then again, if someone wanted easy in/out, they may not want to shift and clutch.

Case in point, I almost bought two separate cars (09's), second one having a sunroof, the past two weeks. I was at $43K, one had 17K (w/ roof), the other 12.8K, and that is the one I am really kicking myself for not getting (didn't want to put out all the cash without finding a buyer for my truck).

Man, I wish I had the non-roof one, but, alas, I don't.

So, again, just my take, if you want to move it fast, price closer to $45K, if you want to get close to top dollar, but might need to wait a month or two, then go closer to $50K, or, something in the middle.

I would also take advantage of the fact that yours is a 2010, so advertise how much bumper-bumper warranty you have left. Plus, not sure if it matters where you are, as it doesn't here, but Spring is coming, so there may be more interest once the weather warms???

If I make it out to D3's track day next week, and anyone is looking, I'll let them know.

You might also want to try autotrader.com or cars.com, if you haven't already.

Best of luck.

02-21-12, 12:01 PM
If you decide to part it out, I would like to buy your intake.

Cub Cadet
02-22-12, 01:55 PM
I believe that the standard seats are going to be a more poular choice since they are more comfortable for anyone that will put many miles on a car. The recaros are made for tracking the car and you know you will give up som comfort for stability. For the manual transmission aspect, I ordered mine that way since I knew that the automatic transmission was junk and that it would have a very short life. I got the 6spd manual because it was proven, robust, and would not create issues. It is what is required in this car. I know that I would not enjoy the car if it was an automatic. Also, I do get much better gas mileage than I should since I can shift the trans when I want... to the tune of 21-24mpg. The car is perfect for those who have stop and go traffic issues... the clutch is light, and feels like a push button. This is the best manual transmission I have had. As far as the sunroof goes, I absolutely love it in this car. The panoramic view is top notch. I do not have the creaks and groans that some say they have. I use my sunroof every time I am in the car - it is nice for ventilation and enjoying the drive. The sunshade is a nice addition too and helps to keep the car cool if the AC is used.
For those of you that are set in your ways of what you want to buy (trans, sunroof, seats), do yourself a favor and try out the other options before you buy something and regret it. There are threads here and on the other forum of folks that mainly wish they had never bought the auto trans. Put some miles on each type of option and get a true feeling. I did this before I bought this car and is how I ended up with what I did.